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Random questions

Few questions that make me wonder:

# To prove our feminism why do women need to boycott, take offence at or mock every single thing that we’ve been taught growing up? Shouldn’t feminism be about celebrating being a woman?

# Why do people try to make me feel that trading a career to stay at home for my kids makes me an overqualified housewife? Do we educate ourselves only to earn?

# When people cannot help in solving your problems, what job do they have in contributing more of them?

# When teachers today consider teaching as ‘ just another job’ how can we rely on them in helping raise a better generation for tomorrow?

# How can people willingly subject their relationships out for scrutiny on social media by sharing daringly personal moments and pictures?

# So, no one has the perfect partner. No one can, either. Do we really need to compare our lives with others? Why?

# Is voicing your opinion necessary everytime? Would it change anything?

# Almost everyone wants to imitate someone. Whatever happened to originality?

2 thoughts on “Random questions

  1. on point 2 I’m with you. If I want to work that is for me and my love for working. If I choose to stay back home to raise my kids and cater to my family, that’s because it is my priority, no matter how well educated or not I’m!

    I think towards the last of your points are just about being human 🙂 (no I don’t mean to quote Sallu here, I remember your love for him 🙂 ) I mean it is in human nature. Human beings are like that, they compare, they want the best and they imitate.

    On Social Media, I think it is again a personal choice about what to share and what not to share. Some people join SM to stalk on others, some do for just being there, some do for sharing their lives with their loved ones who are miles apart but very close technically, some just don’t know why they are on SM.. so everyone has a purpose (or not) for being on SM and doing what they do, me thinks 🙂

    P.S. how are you doing? How are A and A?

    1. Those were just random questions. Being human or not 😉

      I have had so many people question me…now that you have a baby you can’t possibly study or work again, right….or it is too bad that I got all these degrees a d I wasted them by sitting at home… I mean….why…what…!!

      Social media…true everyone has their own reasons. I had my own…that’s why I left for good. I can’t stand people showing their fake lives, love or concern only for visibility. Also, people had friends before Fb…so if you’re close…you will connect anyway. I’m now only on Twitter and that too on and off. Someday when I feel it is getting too negative I might leave that too.

      Enough said. Phew! 😛

      We’re all fine. Dad and bro are busy catering to the new born. Me, well, to everybody. 😬 How’re you all? How’s Chits doing? Must be a big girl now na….

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