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Simple stuff

Do you think it is better to be scared and nervous than being overconfident? I believe so. Now, don’t take me wrong. All I’m saying is, in proper amount, nervousness can be healthy. Overconfidence can only weaken our ability to face an apparent adverse situation. I might be wrong, but that is what I feel.
I might not be making much sense, I know. I have an exam coming up and I’m nervous as hell. Around exam time I’m always this crying irritable wreck who’s sure to top the list, from downwards. God knows I’m not that big a fool but I can’t perform well when I think I know everything. I simply mess up.
I’ve given time and attention to my studies, as much as I could. I only hope I do well, because it’d break my heart if I don’t. Passing with flying colours is not essential, just a glimpse of a rainbow would do.
Please wish me luck and ignore all the illogical stuff I’ve put down here, if any. I’ll definitely read this one before my next post and add my apologies if necessary.

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