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Princely ways :)

In days and years to come I’m essentially going to be a pompous, indulgent and ranting mother with tidbits about how well and not-well my boy’s faring in his academic life. My regular readers can buckle up to get pestered. 🙂

Till then there’s loads of incomplete stuff lying in my drafts that I have to publish lest I leave out some cute anecdotes about A Jr’s adorable childhood behaviour. I found in my drafts this post on A Jr written some time back and which instantly brought a smile on my face. 🙂

I’m in the middle of a dramatic conversation with A Jr, insisting him animatedly to listen to his elders and respecting them at all times, when my mother intervenes and says, ‘Don’t pester the poor child, he’s well-behaved. You were much worse!’ All A Jr can do to control himself from smiling and getting spanked is running away. :-/


Tired of A Jr fooling around everywhere in the house while during meal and milk time, I give him an annoyed look. He in turn gives me a brilliant smile and says,’Come here Mama, I’ll give you a kiss’ 🙂


I try to plan my work-outs when A Jr won’t be around, but inadvertantly they coincide once in a while, and though I hate distractions. what I really look forward to is A Jr replicating my yogasans..and that too with a lot of perfection! He’s a natural at imitation. Do I have a budding actor/politician/sportsperson/journalist/lawyer/mimicry artist in my house? *wondering*


Sometimes A leaves for work hurriedly and doesn’t bother to wake up a sleepy A Jr. Its no mean feat to deal with him once he’s awake, ‘se he’s very cranky and bawls beyond control complaining, ‘Mujhe Papa ki yaad aa rahi hai, wo office kyun gaye’. 🙁 Poor me, I’ve to pray to all my Gods and bribe him with every chocolate I can find in the house to bring him back to normal.

Whatever he does, he’s my prince right? And regal people aren’t as charismatic without their share of tantrums, are they? Dear God please give me the strength to brace myself for what the future holds for me! 🙂

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  1. the snippet about “come here mama, i’ll give you a kiss” is oh-so-precious!

    1. T said it for me 🙂

      1. Thanks Swaram 🙂

    2. Isn’t it? He’s capable of pulling off melodramatic stuff like this! 🙂

  2. Go A Jr, you sound like a bundle of delight.

    1. He sure is, and he makes sure everyone enjoys it, including him! 🙂

  3. Good that you are recording all about his childhood antics. They will be a permanent memoir better than photographs! Have fun. These days will not come back ever.

    1. Oh yes Aunty…while writing about his antics its like living those moments yet again. Wonder how blissful it would be to reminisce about these things when A Jr is older. 🙂
      How’ve you been? Long time! Have been meaning to call you. Will do that soon! 🙂

  4. wow.. pity the kids have to grow up :).. glad you are writing down as memoriesssssssssss

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