A young boy besotted with a married lady and a mother. Lot of friendly banter and a simple gesture of exchanging phone numbers by the lady very wrongly misconstrued as an invitation to feed all kinds of lecherous intentions. Virtual stalking begins with incessant calling and messaging. All this leading to strained relations at home. Subtle pleas for some well needed space go unnoticed until one day the lady decides to end it all by unabashedly asking the boy to lay off.

This story might make for a wonderful movie script, only it is not fictional. Some days ago a friend of mine shared this incident that happened with her with me. Initially I was shocked, then upset and then downright angry at the brazenness of the guy in question. Did the fact that the girl was married mean nothing to him or it instigated him to presume that her house-wife life was boring?

I know this girl very well and hence can confidently conclude that this girl isn’t the one who’d suggest anything to anyone, even by mistake. She has a beautiful marriage, a lovely kid, and is extremely happy with the way her life is shaping up. Her husband is one of the kindest souls on earth and has been her constant support in everything she’s undertaken. Her girl is in one word, precious.

This guy in question is a far off relative of her husband, who she didn’t even know too well. They met at a family function and hit it off instantly. He playfully complimented her and flirted with her, while she on her part was dignified and matured enough to take it in her stride. Her silence would seem encouraging, she never thought.

Whatever it was she did that created a wrong impression about her is something she’s still not able to contemplate. It’s not like she hasn’t been around guys. She’s had many male friends. However something like this never happened with her, even before marriage. A friend was a friend, and the one who wasn’t, well, he simply had to stay away. Isn’t that how it works always?

She was shaken to the core after being misinterpreted so erroneously. She was lucky her husband didn’t blame her for being negligent, only he was upset that she didn’t think this whole thing through before. Why’d a guy almost 9-10 yrs younger to her be on her trail instead of looking for girls his age? Why’d he pester her for miniscule things? Didn’t he know how to use his own brains?

I’m glad it all got sorted out. The side-effects of this thing could be dangerous though. What if the guy didn’t leave her even after being warned? Would her husband trust her like before, after knowing and seeing all this? There are umpteen cases nowadays where the smallest squabble between husband and wife led to someone being hurt or killed. It’s best to keep a safe distance from such idiots who wouldn’t think twice before foolishly wrecking someone’s home.

Hope she understands she got away too easily. She sure is a blessed girl. Others may or may not be. It could get ugly. Better to be on guard. Isn’t it?

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15 thoughts on “What we don't reckon

  1. It is unfortunate that such perverts leave lasting imprints on the social fabric. What I mean is that the lady in question may now become quite wary of similarly placed boys and men. Once bitten, twice shy! As they say, it takes all kinds to make a market, doesn’t it?

    1. You were the first one to comment on this post and for some silly reason your comment went into the spam folder.Please accept my apologies for checking this up so late. 🙁
      Yes. The lady’s so upset that she’s saying she’ll take her husband’s advice on whether to even smile back at a guy or not! A bit extreme, but I don’t blame her. She’s been through a rough time and is going to need time to get back to normal. Good for her, her husband’s on her side. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve seen your blog, you write wonderfully. A far cry from my casual ways. Very commendable. 🙂

  2. that’s really sad. glad that she got rid of that guy.

    such thought process evolve in our society because of the misconception people have about girls/women. and then those misleading information is conveyed to those young boys.

    1. Yes it does, In fact she said initially even her husband was upset, but when she explained her side he agreed she wasn’t at fault. Had this thing gone out she’d be badly insulted for nothing!
      This isn’t fair na…the woman is always held responsible. What about that stupid guy who troubled her so much!!?

      1. exactly. women are always held responsible for everything and that’s because of our mentality which needs to change.

        1. It is sad, isn’t it? On some instances I’ve myself tried to argue and prove to people about this. Some things are easily passable for men, but for women the same things are taboo. No matter how educated our society has become, the same old mediocre thinking doesn’t change! 🙁

  3. Btw…you seem to be the only one commenting on my blog now! If it weren’t for you I’d be speaking to myself. God bless you! 🙂

  4. ‘It’s best to keep a safe distance from such idiots’…Ah! The difficulty is in identifying these idiots. With some people, one wishes that there could be an in-born sign-board about them:):)

    1. Identifying them is a big challenge. Agreed. Some of them seem to take the better sex for granted and consider them at their dispense. I guess women need to choose the people they even get acquainted with with great care. Never know what secret ambitions the man’s fostering.
      Thanks for your comment and welcome here! See you around 🙂

    1. Yes…the situation could get very tricky and messy. One word and people can blow it all out of proportion. It all stopped at the right time.
      Thanks for your comment and welcome here. 🙂

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