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Some respect please…

I’m not sure if it is the fact that I’m a mother or my liberal but respectful upbringing contributes to this, but the fact that Uncles/ Teachers called as ‘Arre’ and referred to very casually seems very offending. Are impressionable kids supposed to be taught through these commercials that being disrespectful is ‘cool’?

2 thoughts on “Some respect please…

  1. totally agree with u. not only these two ads, there r quite a few which i find offending. especially some of those youngistan ads. the very concept of youngistan itself is annoying.

    1. Yes. Here I’m trying to make my son use ‘aap’ for elders..disapproving any slangs that might appear out of nowhere…and then ads like this…or something like ‘Du kya’ appear. They’re so catchy, its tough to brainwash them too! Who says kids get spoilt only by bad company?

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