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A GRAND Weekend

‘We’ll come to your place this weekend then. Papa has some work and I hate to be left behind, so I’ll be joining him’. These were my mother’s words when she announced that they’ll be coming on Friday and will be spending the weekend with us. I couldn’t help chuckling all the time while talking to her and even after hanging up. Why? Because I knew that all these were mere reasons to see A Junior! Grandma couldn’t take it that Grandpa (who in turn was cooking up a story himself) would play with their laadla grandson while she’s sitting alone at home watching repeat telecasts of Balika Vadhu. 🙂
A Junior, in turn, couldn’t be happier with all the attention showered upon him. Last two days he’s been riding high, getting loads of chocolates (which by the way were introduced to him just recently), new toys that he can dissect and pull out open, and lots and lots of hugs and kisses which are best left unnumbered. It’s remarkable (not for me!) how he’s already learnt that it’s his victory when Grandma or Grandpa scold Mamma for being strict about his eating and napping timings!
I never told this to my parents, but seeing all this made me feel a bit jealous, good jealous, if there’s anything like it. I lost both my Grandpas when I was very young. My paternal grandmother never really bothered herself a lot with us. My maternal grandmother was the sweetest and purest human being I’ve ever come across in my life. She was the perfect Grandma; who told us lots of those raja-rani ki kahaniyan, made us our favourite dishes and saved us from our mother’s anger whenever we disrupted her sweet afternoon nap. Even at her age, her skin had a glow that no fairness cream can boast of, and shiny black hair, not one grey. I miss her a lot, and seeing my parents with A Junior I wished I could get a hug from her too. May her soul rest in peace. Love you Ma (that’s what we all called her).
I can now understand why my mother always grumbled when our Grandma took sides with us. It’s amusing to see how our own parents change once they get this promotion. Any complaint about A Junior made to my mother falls on deaf ears and I’ve to eat my own words everytime. As she herself puts it, ‘ मुद्दल से ब्याज हमेशा प्यारा होता है’  (We crave more for the interest earned than the principal amount itself)!
(My value seems to be depreciating fast…but I’m not complaining 😛 )
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11 thoughts on “A GRAND Weekend

  1. Aww…that was such a sweet post Varsha :)Grandparents are always the sweetest people in a kids' life. Loved the sweet way you've shared how you feel jealous when you see A junior with his grandparents.A hug for you for writing such a beautiful post :)Cheers!!

  2. Reminds me of my grand dad. He was the most awesome story teller. He kinda knew his time was coming, so approx some 6 months before he passed away he recorded all the stories in cassettes and gifted them to me. I still have those. It was the greatest gesture by anyone. Alas, I was too young to understand it.

  3. I know what you mean…but jealous I'm not for two reasons: I have no kids and I have both the set of grandparents 🙂 and maternal grandmother is the most special person in my life to me 🙂 I love her to the core more than anyone else and she is a lovely lady at 76 now..well read..intelligent…great cook..sweet and purest soul 🙂 Grannies are so cute na ? Bhagwan ne kitna accha rishta banaya…grandparents-grandchildren ka 🙂

  4. @CB: Glad you liked it CB…one can get upset with one's parents…but grandparents are always the sweetest!! :)Hugs to you too! :)@Vinni: You were young then, but now you know their worth! And you have the bestest gift anyone could give you…even after going so far away he made sure he's alive in and around you :)How sweet :)@Nu: I know…they are the sweetest…caring..comforting…forgiving..and so easy to be pleased…the smallest gestures make them happy :)You're very lucky! 🙂

  5. Grandparents and the love they shower on their grandkids.. 🙂 Can't help but smile. Everytime I call Maa, Paa..all they care about is Buzz..does she eat well, does she sleep well..What about me 🙁 ..A few times..but for most part I am glad that she has them..and they care..

  6. @Comfy: I feel the same…they call up and the first thing they'll ask is about A Junior…he can't speak well yet…but when I put the phone on loudspeaker he talks whatever he can…and boy does that make them happy!! True…its nice to see the bond they share :)@Titaxy: Isn't it? Grandparents are so loving and caring…indeed our best childhood memories are with them! Glad you liked it T! 🙂

  7. I share the sentiments of the grandparents. We can afford to be indulgent and enjoy their pranks since we are not directly responsible for the upbringing of the child and so take it easy. our memories are also short when it concerns disciplining 😉 I agree with your mom about the principle and interest!

  8. @zephyr: Why did I expect just the same words from you!! :)I knew you're going to take the kids' side. And correct it if I'm wrong, even if it a teeny-weeny bit way, you do play a role in spoiling them too! But hey, a little bit of it is ok! :)My mom has said that to me on more than one occasion…now I say it for her 🙂

  9. @DropsofJ: I'm glad you liked it here! You wrote on grannies too?? Sure there must be something in the air…I'll go read yours :)Welcome here 🙂

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