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More than a woman

From time immemorial woman has been perceived as the epitome of love, dedication, sincerity and resilience. Whatever role she’s in, she’s a role-model for everyone. In our culture we’ve believed in setting her on a pedestal and offering her prayers for our well-being, safety and happiness.

Having said this, in today’s world we’re committing crimes, acting inexcusably and what more, we’re not even ashamed of it. One such heinous crime that’s only been increasing in recent years is: female foeticide.

Let’s see some facts first. Sex-selective abortion has been seen as worsening the sex ratio in India, and thus affecting gender issues related to sex compositions of Indian households. According to the 2001 census, the sex-ratio in India is 107.8 males per 100 females, up from 105.8 males per 100 females in 1991. The ratio is significantly higher in certain states such as Punjab (126.1) and Haryana (122.0).

Our society is full of hypocrites. Everyone wants a bride for their (assumingly) eligible son but having a daughter themselves would make them bawl in disappointment. In our country where we consider females as goddesses we see intolerable importance and priority given to the male child. The girl child is considered as a liability, a burden that’s to be borne till the time she gets married, and even after that.

What’s saddening is that, more often than not, women themselves are party to such inhuman acts. It’s true that nowadays sex-determination tests have been strictly restricted, but the fact that female foeticide is still on the rise proves that there’s certainly some loophole somewhere in the system.

Nowadays, there are various methods that can be used to pre-determine the sex of the child. Only doctors are privy to such information and knowledge, but even they fall prey to their greed for money and become an accomplice in eradicating the issue completely.

There’s no field today where women have not left a mark. Whether she’s a working woman or a housewife, she’s proved time and again that she can handle and balance everything with equal alacrity. Doesn’t it then become the collective responsibility of families as well as doctors to act with dignity and accept the truth for what it is?

I’m a woman and am proud to be one. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been given a boon by nature, that to give birth to a new life. And I’d like to believe every woman feels this way.

Its time we put a stop to all these practices. Or else it won’t be long before we’ll see this world full of “surplus males” who will have no females for them.

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  1. i agree…i so so agree…i'm proud to be a woman and it really bothers me that there are so many people out there that wudn't want a girl baby…i don't understand why…time and again we have proved ourselves with every aspect, as you mentioned…then why still this preference to have a male child?

  2. Shouldn't every woman who indulges in such acts or even supports it ask herself this question? The extent to which people would go to have a 'heir' makes me very angry.Its time people face the reality…girls are no less, in any respect…!!!

  3. debajyoti says:

    that’s primarily because ppl dont even have brains and in some places they just go by the prevailing prejudices. u ll notice that the thought process of people (even in big cities) have been heavily influenced by others.

    1. Deb, the way I’d been brought up, I always felt this gender bias thing was exaggerated. I was always treated at par, sometimes more liberally, than my brother. It is only after I got married that I saw the other face of our society.
      Yes, even education doesn’t help people to get over their prejudices. I’ve a very bad reputation for wanting more girls in our family. I’m working towards changing their mindset. Hope I succeed.

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