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Creativity is possibly the only unbridled form of expression where the silent understanding between the creator and his audience is the ripples something created in their minds and how it got transformed into an art form.

We give away a piece of us in everything we create and make ourselves susceptible to being judged or misconstrued. Yet, we channelise our inner feelings and express ourselves in the best way we can. 

It is a wonderful feeling to look fondly upon something that was once just a figment of our imagination but which exists as a reality now. Is it alright to feel possessive or protective about it? Can people really understand what we meant to convey?

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  1. Putting down your imagination on the paper and then it surprises you as you start reading it…
    Its an awesome feeling, maybe not for the audience, but for creator it is…

    1. Oh yes. Something as simple as a blog post…if it comes our right…gives such joy! Sometimes I wonder how I came up with such great stuff (flaunting myself…apologies! ????????) when I go back and read it.
      I feel it gives us faith in our own craft. If we love it…others may…

      1. There’s no need to apologize when you are honest… I learnt this rule and it is really helpful…
        And yes, if WE love it then it doesn’t actually matters if others love it or not… You love it, its the most important!

        1. That’s so true…and a very matured thing to say by someone who is still in his teens! ????
          Yes, we love it and that’s what matters. Some of the best posts I wrote didn’t find many readers and I’m ok with it because I love them anyway. ☺

          1. You know I got to know about your blog when I found you in my conversation with Rekha Di…
            And It seems like I missed some of your best writings, you should consider reblogging the best of your old works…
            Those who just joined you can read your old writings that way, and the best part is, you can relive those posts again!

          2. That’s a good idea. I was considering doing that. I have written a lot of posts when I started out and had no readers then! ????
            I have to explore your blog too. Haven’t had the time yet. I want to know how grown-up kids write and what about. ????????

          3. I welcome you to visit my blog and know what I write about…

          4. Yes sure ????

          5. Just now posted something, would like to read it?

          6. Yes…coming over

  2. I will give a contrary view. When one has given out the expression of one’s creativity, it remains no longer ours but to the world so just leave it for the world and move ahead to create something new. 🙂 🙂
    Eg: My blog site has got deleted again with all the creatives and i just happily move forward to write new experience to share with the world. 🙂 🙂

    1. Hmm….it does go out in the world but it is still ours, isn’t it? Our kids for example. They grow up and fly away but they will always be our creations. ????
      Your blog site is beyond my understanding. In your place I have no clue what I would do. ????

      1. Yes agree on that point…very good example given by you 🙂

        1. ????????????

  3. like Chinese whispers..

    1. Yes. ☺

      1. Hi…what happened in between…

        1. Was down with severe cough and cold…so resting…

          1. ohkay.. how are you now.?

          2. Better…thanks. ☺

  4. Hi. I nominated you for the three day quote challenge. You are not obligated to participate but would be glad if you could. Thank you.

    1. Thanks eddaz. Will take it up. Sounds interesting. ☺

      1. My pleasure????

  5. hmmmmmm….. interesting……

    1. Thanks Sudhir ☺

      1. ????????????

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