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Strengthen yourself with Exercise and Nutrition

Good health is a balanced combination of right eating and regular physical activity. Many health problems people face nowadays are due to an imbalance of these two. Neither fancy diets nor inordinate amounts of time spent sweating it out can ensure strength and immunity. A good lifestyle that lays ample focus on exercise and nutrition is the need of the hour.

I’ve gone through a huge weight-loss transformation recently and am an ardent advocate of healthy living. I achieved my desired results by consuming nutritious food and inculcating dedicated time for physical fitness in my daily routine. Let us see how to strengthen muscles in India so you can do it too. It isn’t difficult and should be a priority for every adult who wants to lead a long and healthy life.

Strengthen yourself with Exercise and Nutrition_avibrantpalette

Do what you may, there’s no alternative to exercise. Any form of physical activity continued over a period of time is bound to benefit you in some way. Instead of waiting for drastic results to show concentrate on the immediate effects and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Exercise releases happy hormones like endorphins and dopamine that help relieve pain and stress. This gives you an instant feeling of gratification and happiness often called the ‘workout high’. 1
  • We lose muscle mass as we age. Weight-training not only helps you gain muscle mass but also make your bones stronger. Body strength gained through exercise and nutrition in the form of energy-rich food are sustainable choices in the long run. 2
  • Natural antioxidants produced during exercise can reverse the effects of skin-ageing. Exercise is relaxing and induces a deep sleep as well. So, you see, beauty sleep isn’t merely a fancy term. 2

Healthy eating constitutes the most significant part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating for nourishment or eating because we’re bored is a conscious choice. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, let one slip and your efforts possibly won’t bear fruit.

  • Never skip breakfast and while you’re at it, make it royal. A wholesome breakfast keeps your metabolism and energy levels up throughout the day. 3 Also, snack on something every 3-4 hours for the same reason.
  • Fibre-rich foods are extremely crucial in your diet. They help regulate sugar levels, promote healthy digestion, reduce risk of colon cancer and are good for heart health. Lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and fruits like bananas, pears, raspberries etc. are high in fibres.
  • If you exercise, a regular intake of protein, calcium, Vitamin D and other essential micronutrients is required to provide the necessary strength and nourishment to your body. Supplements, if any, must be taken with professional advice though. 4 I recently came across Ensure by Abbott. It helps you improve your muscle and bone strength and boosts your immunity.
  • Get creative! Being vegetarian, vegan or on diet isn’t an excuse to limit your food choices or adventures. Don your apron, pull up your sleeves and toss up something good, maybe a salad (or bake a cake, if it’s your cheat day!)?

Strengthening exercises and wholesome nutrition are the two pillars on which your health stands and derives support and nourishment from. Together, they’re your best bet for a better tomorrow. Love yourself, respect your body and show you care by giving time and consideration to its needs. It’s the only one you have, after all! #StrengthToLiveNonStop

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19 thoughts on “Strengthen yourself with Exercise and Nutrition

  1. The year 2020 has taught me many things. For starters I have to get stronger inside out if I have to multi task and take care of my family. Glad I have adopted Ensure in my diet

  2. My vitamin d levels were actually low in recent tests. Important to have supplements like ensure which have these because we aren’t even aware of our deficiency often

  3. 2020 had taught us many things and one of them is being fit and having a healthy lifestyle. I have brough changes but not upto the mark yet. Will check Ensure as well for nutritional benefits.

  4. Exercise and Nutrition go and in hand. We cannot meet our fitness goals by following just one. We become what we eat and assimilate. We should understand the importance of what we are eating.

  5. healthy eating habits and regular exercise are two important things that can make major difference in our overall health and well being. I had heard a lot about ensure supplement. thanks a lot dear for sharing your opinion about it. will explore it for sure.

  6. I have always been Vitamin D deficient and also have low BP and Anemia issues. Thanks for these valuable and well researched tips. I am sure to try Ensure.

  7. Other than the necessary points to strengthen our bodies , I am glad that you did mention that any supplements should only be taken after discussing with your doctor.

  8. I’ve recently shifted to a more healthy and nutritious diet combined with a bit of walking to take care of my health. I want to stay fit for my family so my diet is very crucial for me.

  9. Totally valid points, Varsha. With exercise, one should also take care of the nutrition their body needs to get the optimal benefits. I am hearing a lot about Ensure lately, will surely try it.

  10. it is very important to strengthen our bodies, a fluffy looking body may not take the blunt of a disease whereas a lean one can; so it is very vital to be strengthen from within. very important pointers in the post to apply in life.

  11. since the first lockdown in 2020 my perspective towars excercise and nutrition has changed a lot. its not just about losing weight, its more on physical and mental fitness. great post Varsha.

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