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5 Reasons why Oiling is good for your Hair

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off” they say, and rightly so. Healthy hair and a good haircut can work wonders for our entire look. It can save us from heartburn for not investing enough time on decking up while stepping out for a party as well. Hair care, hence, becomes crucial to look and feel our natural best. Traditionally, oiling has been heavily relied upon for it.

Remember the time when our grandmothers and mothers held us tight between their legs and slathered heaps of oil on our hair? The smell announced itself from miles away yet we were warned of dire consequences if we cringed our nose at it. It took generous quantities of shampoo and much effort to get it off too. Reluctant as we may be back then, regular oiling has always been an important part of hair care.

Our busy lives give us little time to indulge ourselves or go for elaborate hair spas. Taking time out for an oil massage has umpteen benefits though and mustn’t be compromised upon.

Helps control dandruff and hairfall

Dust and pollution can make your scalp dry which may lead to development of dandruff. In such cases your scalp gets itchy and you can experience hairfall too. Oiling and massages help in scalp exfoliation and cleaning of dead skin which can help prevent both.

Delays graying

Greying isn’t age-dependent anymore. Youngsters too are nowadays on the receiving end of this much-dreaded sign of ageing. One of the reasons for premature graying is Vitamin B12 deficiency. Regular oiling benefits include providing essential nutrients to your hair thus delaying the graying process.

Good for hair nourishment

Different types of oils contain different essential nutrients and have various benefits. Almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, etc have traditionally been used for hair massages. Their basic purpose is to provide nutrition which helps us achieve healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. The longer you have oil in your hair, the better it is for you.

Promotes hair growth

Oiling is vital for improved hair growth. However, choosing and using the right oil can make a huge difference in the desired results.

Thumba Wonder Oil by Nature Cure is an Ayurvedic wonder that addresses multiple hair issues.

Thumba is a popular hair tonic herb in Ayurveda which is medically proven to reduce time needed for hair growth initiation.

This oil contains Ayurvedic herbs that nourish hair follicles and help fight scalp infection.

It prevents hairfall and graying while also increasing hair count and length.

Relieves stress

A good oil massage can relieve you of your entire stress within minutes. Make sure to use finger tips gently while pressing your scalp. It also helps in absorption of oil deep within the scalp and hydrating it. Try not to doze off if someone is doing it for you. Well, it happens!

A gorgeous mane can make heads turn every time and doesn’t sound too hard to achieve, does it? Give yourself some well-deserved champi and nod away silently in agreement since your Mom was indeed right!

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Oiling is good for your Hair

  1. Even I have heard this since childhood but recently Ive come to know that how we oil the hair also matters and it can improve the quality of our hair when oil is applied only to the ends of our hair strands.

  2. I was quite skeptical about regular oiling in my 20s and then a hairstylist told me its like a food for your hair that I have me to realize now . This oil seems to be very effective.

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