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Positive people make a difference!

Today is one of those days when my super active mind is trying to string together loads of seemingly unrelated but certainly relevant stuff. We cannot function keeping different aspects of our existence independent of each other, can we? What influences us on one front has a lasting effect on the rest of us too. It is imperative then to make sure that only positive thoughts and people surround us, right?

I’m amazed how much I’m learning about myself with every passing day. Age brings about certain clarity in our thinking and makes us see things in a different light. I’ve performed admirably well under immense stress and met deadlines I never thought I could. I’ve also surprised myself by showing rare commitment to my own cause, finally putting all the ‘not driven’ jabs to rest.

Could I have done any of this without the patience and support of all the positive people around me? I guess not. My family’s my world. The only two things that are close to my heart apart from them are books and writing. I’m possessive of my books and don’t lend them to anyone I don’t trust enough. Know what, I don’t even write my name on them lest they get scarred. Writing is a different ball game altogether!

Words have the capacity to connect with us and affect us on a deep level. For the longest time I’ve poured my heart out on paper and kept them hidden away from everyone’s eyes and reach. Blogging gave me a platform to share them with the world and the warmth with which people have received them truly humbles me. Did I not give myself enough credit before? I wonder.

As I ready myself to bring out my first ever ebook my dream of becoming a published author is finally on its way to getting realised. I have nothing but love and respect for everyone who motivated and encouraged me, showing ample faith in my writing when I badly needed it. It feels special to have such loving people involved in something so personal and precious. How lucky can I be? 🙂

Thanks a lot for being there for me, dear readers. It is because of you that the closet writer in me will soon be out in the open. Such a happy feeling! Hugs. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Positive people make a difference!

  1. Nice post. Positivity is the key to a happy and content life. Life will have its ups and downs. However it is important to keep moving forward in the right direction and be surrounded by positive people and environment.

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