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Thank you, Home! #ThankfulThursdays


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It is said that we don’t realise the importance of anything until we don’t crave and strive for it enough. While this might be true with regard to umpteen things, as a Navi Mumbaikar who had been on the prowl for the right abode for a long time, I can currently relate it perfectly with having a home that we can come back to everyday, which is filled with positivity and which is ours.


For a woman, having a home she has decorated and defined herself is almost as important as the family that resides in it. Right from selecting the perfect shade for the walls and the type of furniture to bath and bed linen essentials, she wants only the best for it. After all, a home is lot more than a roof over the head. It is where one tries to find comfort and relaxation after a long day.

This prompt couldn’t have come at a better time, since thankfulness for a home of our choice has sincerely been on our minds of late. Even after saving enough and getting all the financials in place getting a home was proving difficult for us, mainly because I didn’t want to settle for a typical Mumbai apartment which leaves little scope for privacy and fresh air. Thankfully, God was listening to me ! 🙂


Next six months are going to be the most eventful and exciting in our lives because the keys to our new home are going to be handed over to us soon and all the painting and furniture work will begin there. We’ve been frequenting home décor showrooms over the weekend and locking horns over stuff that is required right away and which can be put on a backburner for a year or so.

Our discussions fast become spirited and loud but what I love the most is A’s participation and excitement for it. From suggesting fake grass for our bedroom balcony and keeping a small barbeque set there to getting textured walls or a wallpaper and putting up enlarged framed photographs of both kids in their room, he is giving excellent helpful inputs! I forget this is probably his dream too?

After moving in and out of rented places for last eleven years, the thought of growing roots is very heartening. Finally, I and the kids can rejoice at the fact that we belong somewhere and not mentally calculate the time till we have to give up on a temporary home and new friends yet again. Permanence is one thing that has been gravely missing from our lives till date.

Thank you, my new home, for filling my heart with joy and giving me something new to dream about everyday. I can’t wait to come and live in you! <3

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52 thoughts on “Thank you, Home! #ThankfulThursdays

  1. I will keep a watch out to read how you decorate your new home Varsha.Our home will also be nearing completion in a few months.Thank you for sharing your story with us on #ThankfulThursdays

  2. Congratulations for your beautiful home. I wish you a lot of happiness. It’s a great feeling, celebrate your life????

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