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How to choose a safe mosquito killer for your family

Out of the many things that amused me as a new bride, the evening ritual of securing our home from mosquitoes by lighting a total of three mosquito coils in different corners of our huge living room was the strangest. While everyone else in our family was accustomed to them, almost everyday I broke into a violent cough due to their acrid smell and fumes. Since then, thankfully, they were done away with.

This experience made me realise how our simple choices can affect our entire family. When it comes to the well-being of our loved ones we can never be too careful. As a mother of two now, the necessity of keeping our surroundings clean and safe is all the more important to me. With mosquito-born diseases on the rise, mosquito prevention is not a choice anymore. We need to take effective steps for the safety of our family from them.


Prevention is better than cure

Preventive measures like timely disposal of garbage, keeping the area around potted plants dry and clean, avoiding accumulation of water in the house, using mosquito nets and bats, etc. can be used to avoid breeding of mosquitoes in and around our homes. Entirely on their own though, they aren’t enough for our complete family protection. What we need is a lethal mosquito killer which will ensure our safety and also be gentle on us.

Benefits of Good knight

Good knight is a mosquito repellent machine which wins hand down and assures us that our family is well-protected from mosquitoes at all times. Loaded with the goodness of pure natural oils and eight hours protection, Good knight can be used during the day too without having to worry about any kind of harmful effects. It is hassle-free, easy to operate, non-messy, has a mild aroma and its wick can be easily replaced.

Trust when others agree with you

There are similar products available in the market but I always go back to Good knight for the familiarity and trust I’ve had for it since childhood. After going through some mosquito repellent reviews I’m glad that many people share my thoughts. Safety and effectiveness are of utmost importance and where our family protection is concerned indeed we want only the best and complete care.

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As parents it is our duty to educate our children about the importance of cleanliness and protection from mosquitoes and hence in my home it is the responsibility of my kids to switch on Good knight everyday. They enjoy being given a free hand to decide whether we need the ‘Normal’ or ‘Activ’ mode and seem to enjoy it. They being aware of the need to be preventive with Good knight make me feel relieved that they’re in safe hands.

With Good knight, protection and prevention is merely a switch away and we can sleep peacefully at night knowing that we are being cared for even in our sleep. Convenient, isn’t it?

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