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What money cannot buy

While blindly running after materialistic things and achieving the luxuries and lifestyle that we’re told we should have, are we in some way undermining the importance of the priceless things that come to us for free? 

We cannot put a label on the joy of looking at the stars or being close to nature in any manner, laughing with our friends without a care, watching our kids smile only for us, being in the company of loved ones or simply being content with what and where we are.

Wealth is lot more than what reflects in our bank balance or we wouldn’t find street kids playing with broken bottles and barely surviving on unhygienic food lot happier than our blessed and fortunate ones.

Shouldn’t we all live by this quote and teach our children the same too?

21 thoughts on “What money cannot buy

  1. Hey Varsha! Absolutely and completely agree. Unfortunately, our lot directs prosperity and greatness to wealth and materialistic abundance and not richness in wisdom or knowledge. I just heard a talk about this by the Sadhguru this morning. We need to practically show our children that happiness is much more than material gain and for that, we need to follow it ourself to an extent for learning by example is the best learning ever.
    So, enjoying school vacation with kids and madness all day long?

    1. Hi Perfy! Learning by example is really the best way it can be. Looking at our peers and society in general may make us feel like owning things we don’t need, but we need to decide what is and isn’t necessary for us. There is no end to luxury.
      Madness is more, as you will obviously agree. ???? Summers are getting punishing already so we are mostly indoors doing painting, reading and seeing lots of cartoons. ????????

      1. I can totally relate! We just finished our break and now back to school till about July and then the madness begins here too! Keeping them occupied is the madness I suppose (not to mention a house that looks like a perpetual warzone)

        1. Hahaha….warzone. Exactly! For every book of A Jr, Angel has to keep four. She has her places marked and her stuff scattered all over the house. And occupied, well I have to get up and dance with her whenever she feels like it. No options. ????????

    1. How true, Radhi. When we look back, I’m sure we will find more joy from the simplest things. Expensive and indulgent things wouldn’t even feature there. Priceless things create priceless memories too. ☺

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