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  1. Lol

    1. ????????

  2. Haha! You are not alone there, V!

    1. Perfy! Give me a hug, or better still let’s go for a girl date. ????????????

      1. ????sure, girls day out!!!!

        1. Definitely! Imagine what storm two smart and vain girls can kick off! ????????????

      2. ???????????????? oooh Yes!

  3. hahaha… it’s just not you dear, even I can relate to this… lol

    1. Haha…imagine…one in school and second approaching playschool. We have to say this twice over. ????

      1. geee.. lucky gal, I envy you now 😀 haha but seriously after a time we start taking each other granted (applies both ways)

        1. Haha. Ya, I mean there’s a stage after which we don’t really crave so much for the ‘romantic date’. Any time together is good.

          1. Absolutely…

          2. ????????

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