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The thin line

​Debates are a comparatively healthier way of exchanging ideas and opinions, because in case the parties aren’t prepared to concede others’ point of view and the atmosphere gets too heated up for comfort, the moderator can make them stop at any moment.

In case of informal groups though, discussions become rather tedious when someone not only considers himself well-informed about everything under the sun, but also isn’t willing to let others furnish their thoughts on a certain matter. Signs of a restrained mentality? Possibly.

I love talking to people a lot, online as well as offline. What I look forward to, even crave for, is a spirited conversation that takes a post or topic ahead and aids in exploring facets that weren’t obvious before. Interested ones can join in anytime and everyone has something to gain from it. 

However, people who disregard the presence and inclination of others in a group and continue with their banal chitchat with scant respect to others’ time and boredom are a big put-off for me, however educated or well-read they are. Flaunt your knowledge in your own time, please.

There’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence and one needs to be careful about keeping on the right side of it. You definitely have come across such people. How do you deal with them?

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