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Run for a cause

If someone tells you that for your own safety you need to look on both sides of the road while crossing it, no matter how earnestly the person puts it, you will meekly smile and reply that you’re aware of it. Won’t you? After all, the repercussions of being reckless on the road are quite apparent. Any mishap can lead you risk being rendered handicapped for life, or worse, lose your precious life to it.

However, when someone advises that you need to walk, run, exercise, eat healthy or meditate for your own benefit; do you take it just as seriously? Probably not. Of course, like everyone else, you yearn to have the perfect body, but do you go the whole length to make drastic changes in your lifestyle and approach for it? Bad health has its consequences too, but unfortunately they take too long to show themselves and a lot of damage is done till then. Ignorance, in this case, isn’t bliss.

To get people having the intent but lacking the drive to get started, there are a lot of activities that take place in and around Mumbai every year. Come January, you can spot fitness enthusiasts pull up their socks and sweat it out in gyms, parks, homes or roads to gear up for participating in the many marathons that are organised not only to reinstate the importance of health and fitness in our minds and lives but also to support causes that deserve our time and attention.

Sanpada Marathon, which is organised every year and is very well participated in, is all set for its installment this year. With visually challenged and cancer patients comprising few of the participants, one cannot conjure up any excuses to miss the opportunity to be a part of it. Added to that, you can learn and groove to the newest dance form in town, Bokwa, from the best certified international trainers.

What are you waiting for? Running for a cause makes it all the more tempting, doesn’t it? You can get marathon information and registration details on the website



18 thoughts on “Run for a cause

  1. I love how you have equated lethargy with crossing roads without checking both the sides. And just as you have said, folks are sanguine about nothing hitting them on the road or life. But drunk drivers, spoilt brats, crazed BMW’s may be well be hurtling one’s way, so might be the coronary diseases, cardiac distress and malfunctions of kidneys and liver, to speak of but a few. Wish you luck in the marathon you have written about.

    1. Wow…my post is a simpleton’s way of expression and your comment is the literary feedback. 🙂
      Somehow this was the first example that came to my mind and I’m glad that it fitted well. People tend to take health too much for granted and wake up to the reality of it very late. Marathons may seem glamourous sometimes, but they do have their advantages too.
      Thank you so much Umashankar. 🙂

        1. As of now, been down with severe cough and cold. Bedridden. ????

          Have to find a way to catch you when you’re online or will have to fix a date? ????????

    1. Hope you are better now, V? Please do take care! It is not a lot of fun when the woman of the house is in bed, trust me, I had my bit this last two days, it was mayhem and chaos with a clueless husband and sick kids. Yes, will make a date 😉

      1. I’m better now Perfy, thanks dear!

        We are supposed to be born superwomen! We do not have the privilege to falter on our duties even for a day, come what may. 🙁
        You please take care too, of yourself and the kids. We will talk soon. 🙂

    1. Running for a cause definitely makes it more worthwhile. I usually run alone so the cause I support is to avoid a bedridden and dependent old-age. ????????
      Thanks for reading. Will surely check out your post. ☺

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