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New Horizon ~ Weekly Photo Challenge


Where aspirations are set to meet their reality

Where happiness cocoons sorrow in its soothing warmth

Where the beauty of change paints everything crimson

Where lines get blurred for unbridled acceptance

Each day, each year welcomes a new horizon

Giving us reason to live and a day to seize

For every closed door opens other unexplored ones

The circle of life charts the road for merited victory

27 thoughts on “New Horizon ~ Weekly Photo Challenge

      1. I am the most patience less person in the world then…
        But seriously, my hand starts trembling whole capturing a pic… but leave it, my eyes are enough to capture the best moments!!
        *Shukriya shukriya* ????????????

        1. Hahaha…you belong to A’s category then. Every time he takes a pic we have a fight. It blurs…I’m looking somewhere else….making a face…etc etc. It never comes out right the first time! ????????????
          Aankhon se better koi camera nahi…it has no filters…yet retains the best memories. ????????

          1. Ah….welfie is when someone clicks a selfie with more than one person. We+selfie. ☺
            Prowess means skill…expertise…I know you won’t take a good pic…so I will click a welfie with you.
            Ab samjha Panda? ????

    1. Good morning, Perfy! I’m good, my dear. Weekend was as lazy as it could be. ????
      Thank you so much. This picture relaxes me, although it is sunset. It shows that there’s always a new beginning to look out for. ????

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