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Lets fly!


Stealing you from the world

Taking that flight of surrender

Where our worlds converge

No rules to bind or abide

No virtue other than love to keep

No soul to please but ours

Come, let’s soar higher, my love! <3

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  1. thank you for sharing this hopeful and soaring poem, it really lifted my spirits on this cold winter’s day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Justus! Your kind words made my day. It is my honour if this could make you feel better. 🙂

  2. Fly fly flyyyy flyyyyyy

    1. Ya ya yaaaaa yaaaaaaa ????????

  3. Fly to who you are, climb upon you star, you believe then spread your wings, flyyy…
    This is so amazing, Di!!
    Hope you’re awesome… ????

    1. Heyy Harsh! Fly…everyone should. There’s always a place we all want to be…with someone…for someone.
      How are you? Long time! How are studies? Exam time coming close…

      1. Not so close, but yes!!! I can feel them coming closer…
        I am all awesome!! ????

        1. Hmmm…ya…not too close, but close enough to make me pester you with it. ????????
          Good, always be awesome like this! We are all fine too. ????

          1. Haha, that’s true…

  4. It’s like you know exactly what’s on my mind. This makes me so happy that I’m not thinking alone????

    1. Really? That’s awesome! This makes me very happy too. Hugs eddaz! ????

      1. ????????????

        1. ????????????

  5. lovely poem..have a safe flight. on landing, put Puma to effective use

    1. Oh yes! Puma whispered to me that you guys had a talk…and some punishment will be in order if I don’t heed anymore. ????????

      1. very much yes, ma’am!! he is very annoyed

        1. Hahaha ????

    2. All this came out instantly Hari…as if it was made up inside already. Caters to the romantic in you? ????????

      1. haha…die hard!!

        1. Ekdum! ????

  6. You seem to be in a ‘poetic’ mood, Varsha!

    1. Haha..state of mind I guess. Some days I go all mushy and on others I’m morose.
      Thanks Perfy! ????

      1. Both are perfect, (not boring perfect)! 😉

        1. Aww ????????????????????????

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