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  1. Haha….such a cute one ????.

    1. Haha….thanks Radhi. ????

  2. hahaha….

    1. Haha.. ????????

  3. Hahaha, But still some people look very cute when angry! haha

    1. That’s the fun part. They look cuter when they’re angry, but boy does smiling irritate them like anything!! ????????

      1. hahaha, you got irritated like that before?

        1. I did. Still do. Makes me want to shoot people between the eyes for teasing me. :-/ 😛 😀

          1. Oh my god, you seriously scare me sometimes, you know that Di?
            imagining your anger laced in your comments! haha

          2. Hahahaha….don’t be scared. I’m more lovable than scary. :)😍😂
            I get irritated, but not angry. You are a bachcha anyway, so you are safe. ;)👍

          3. But I still care for Sir A, hahaha (He’s not a bachcha)

          4. Haha….he’s an expert in dealing with me by now. Don’ worry about him. ????????

          5. Thats good!
            Di, I have published the next episode, would you like to read it?

          6. The Blue Watery eyes? Sorry dear, but it has so many episodes that I lost track of the story. 🙁
            Try keeping the next one concise or limit the number of episodes.

          7. No problem Di, actually It’s a series, that’s why number of episodes are there.
            But no problem, ahve a great day, and today is holiday, so extra bonus. haha

          8. Haha…ya I know. Keep it the good old Doordarshan way with limited episodes, not like Ekta Kapoor’s never ending sagas. ????

          9. But actually, to be honest with you Di, it is the novel I am working upon, so it’s just the first draft that I share with yoiu guys to get your feedback. 🙂
            And a novel can’t have only 7 or 8 episodes…

          10. You are writing a novel? Oh my! What are you kids made of nowadays yaar? At such a young age you are so focussed and dedicated. You are going the right way. It has to have many episodes.
            All the best for your writing Harsh! ????

          11. I really thought you knew that!
            But no problem, Di, it’s my dream to get my novel published!!
            I love to create worlds through my writing…
            Thanks a lot Di… ????

          12. No, I didn’t know. You will definitely get a novel published Harsh, and before long I must add. All the best for it! ????????????

          13. Aapke muh me ghee shakkar!
            Thank you Di!

          14. Ahha! Chalo is baar chalega ghee shakkar….for once diet ditched! ????????

          15. That’s so sweet of you…
            But ab jyada sweet sweet nahi, health conscious Di… ????

  4. Haha.. nice one ????

    1. Haha…thanks Prajakta! ????????

  5. Hehe…that is so cute. 🙂

    1. Haha…thanks Perfy! ????????

  6. Awww! That is so cute. <3 😀

    1. Thank you so much Aditi. ????

  7. Angry toddlers are capable of some scary stuff! Hehe

    1. Indeed! They aren’t scared in the least but can scare us in a jiffy. ????

      Thanks for reading.

  8. Lol love it !!

  9. love this!

    1. Thank you! Welcome here. ☺

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