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My letter to my 2yo!

Dear Angel,

You turned two today. For you it is just another day of playing around, teasing Bhaiya, pestering Papa and getting on Ma’s nerves all day long, and am I glad about it! As you grow up you will realise what a great deal elders make out of this day! You’re going to fall in the same trap eventually, but don’t ever wait for any special day to make merry. Ok? 🙂

Being the youngest one in the family you are pampered silly by everyone. Your real name will remain widely unused till the time you go to school I presume, but the many pet names you’re branded with are just as adorable. Let me jot them down here lest I forget them as you grow up! 😀 😛

Your eternally henpecked Papa calls you Chuha (owing to your habit of hiding yourself and your things in the most inaccessible places) 😀

Your grudgingly tolerant Bhaiya refers you as Baccha (this he possibly picked up from us, but makes it sound much sweeter!) 🙂

All your grandparents seem to have a smile pasted on their faces whenever you are around them. You are their Sonu, Monu, Pillu, Beta…just about anything! 🙂

Your Uncles and Aunts gush and swell with pride when you call them out. They try calling you by your name and even advise me to do the same. No one has succeeded in doing so yet. 😉

Your cousin A does all kinds of buffoonery just to make you laugh! He is your partner in crime and, interestingly, you have taken a lot after him. His nickname for you is Anu. 🙂

Me, I don’t have any one name for you. Strange, isn’t it? When you’re being tough, I call you Mirchi or Chilly Chocolate; else there’s Baby, Chika, Bachchu, Shona, Sweety pie…and what not! 😀 😛

The best part is that irrespective of what name anyone calls you by, you always know it is for you and surface there (after your halo, of course)! 😀

You are a livewire. We are constantly amazed at how much energy you have packed up in that tiny stature of yours. Your expressions..your blabbering..your smile..your tantrums…make us have this unreal feeling of being faced with some naughty little fairy from up above. Are you for real? 🙂

Thanks to you and your preferences, Papa can now wash your shorts and put them out for drying, Bhaiya has learned to accessorise you with hairpins and bangles and can change your clothes and shoes, I’m experimenting in the kitchen more than ever, and my decibel levels have finally found a benchmark on the lower side. I have to resentfully admit that you’re good at taming us! 😀 😀

All jokes aside, I’m glad you chose me to bring you in this world and hope that I can do justice with this huge responsibility I have of you. Mothers see themselves in their daughters and want to live their lives again through them, but I don’t want you to grow in my shadow, ever. Dream big and live a full life, my dear. We’re all there with you. Always.

Lots of love sweetheart,


P.S Bhaiya calls me Mamma. I’ve no idea how you started calling me Ma. I didn’t teach you that. I love it though! 🙂

33 thoughts on “My letter to my 2yo!

  1. That was such a sweet letter! When you have such cute names as Mirchi, Chili Chocolate (just loved that one), Chika Shona or even Chuha, who cares what the real name is right! Super cute!

    Here’s wishing your Angel a very happy bday! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Deeps! ????
      Haha…I hope we can call her by all these cute names after she grows up too (Seems tough, but why not!). ????
      Thanks for being here. ☺

  2. many returns of the day to the angel…… her reaction would be a joy for you to see when she encounters all these names when she grows up….. be ready for some tough explanations also…… cheers

  3. This is such a sweet post <3

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little one…soak in allllll this love before you begin understanding people and things, and the admonishons start 😛

      1. She is in her adorable and terrible three! I call her the cutest little devil. You can check my posts to see what she is up to! Your letter made me laugh especially the part which talks about the names!

        1. Oh wow! ‘Cute little devil’ ????????????
          I will see your posts for sure. This age from 2-5 is both trying and fun. For both parents and kids.
          You know, my son says she has so many names now, she probably will say she is Chuha in school too! ????

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