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Do u agree wid dis? :-( #NaBloPoMo day 17

I stumbled onto a comment on someone’s blog yesterday where the girl used four-letter words and lots of ‘lyk’s generously to display her utmost sincerity in identifying with the blogger and his honest feelings. 

No one else seemed to notice it though. Was I right in being the only one to be offended with it? 😒

While I appreciate the platform blogging offers to budding writers and allows them to interact and gain helpful critical feedback on their work, I’m deeply appalled at the casualness with which writing is taken by most youngsters nowadays.

Call it the degrading level of teaching in our country or the impatience to keep up with limitless trends and apps, the younger generation displays scant regard for any language and its usage. It scares me to think how they write their essays in exams. God save the examiners! 😰

Do people try to hide behind this facade to pull attention off the fact that they have nothing significant to share or contribute? Sadly, blogs have become more about numbers now. Content comes a far second. 

I remember when a cousin of mine smsed me few days ago and I asked A to read it for me since I was busy with Angel. A’s expression after going through it was a hilarious mix of confusion, guilt and anger. I, in turn, needed some serious ‘I can do this’ motivation to decipher it. 😧

All my well-meaning admonishing fell on deaf ears, because in her words, “That’s how everyone writes! 

Can’t we show some basic respect where it is due? Is it so hard? Tapping on your keyboard or phone few extra times will not shrink your fingers! :-/

40 thoughts on “Do u agree wid dis? :-( #NaBloPoMo day 17

  1. “Tapping on your keyboard or phone few extra times will not shrink your fingers!”
    The best thing I have read today. I used to be worried that I was on the brink of turning uncool but now I know better. I do sprinkle the occasional ‘cos, u and ur’ to placate myself though!

    1. I would like to believe we are all the cooler ones. It wouldn’t be long before being right becomes the next ‘cool’ thing. Fickle generation with fickle minds!
      Thank you so much Mr/Ms Pendulum. ( Please suggest a better name for you.). Such words simply find their way out of our thoughts sometimes. ????
      I do too, but depending upon the place, person and context. Strictly.

  2. hmm… what to say…the shortcut trend is spreading a lot.. not only in writing , but in everything…especially the new generation. I am neither blaming on them nor the advanced technologies.. but sadly they are not knowing what they are missing..

    1. True. I agree typing the whole can be tedious and the auto suggest grates nerves, but the romance between the written word and the reader takes some effort and intimacy to develop. Give it that much thought and time.

  3. I think it’s the sms effect.. people wanted to type the most in 175 characters…

    It has become common these days and yes very wrong I must say but I am guilty sometimes tooo…

    I got to be very very careful next time I type a comment here..

    Regarding commentators and bloggers ah well what can I say.. let it go….

    1. Hahaha…I can’t help laughing Bikram! ????
      See, even I come from the time when messaging was only through smses and always strapped for cash students like me tried hard to fit as much we could in a single one.
      Honestly, even I use shortforms still, but in chats or messages that aren’t meant to be shared…or are not ‘writings’.
      It is not only the writing, but also what you write.

    1. The worst part is that they think they are coming off as stylish when they’re actually showing their ignorance for decency. What do they do in those extra seconds….hmmm…definitely not checking for typos! ????

  4. the society is changing…… values are changing…. and we all are responsible for this…. we human beings are changing….. it has become fashion today to use all those words……. the decency is treated as weakness….. among the youth…. so what ever is being taken from society is being given back in some form….. but lets not loose hope….. all is well…… life goes one…. change is the key…… cheers…….

    1. Change should be for the better right? What good is coming out of this? How can we expect sensible literature to come out of people who can’t be bothered to use full words too? Who gave them this? I wonder.

      1. We all are giving this by silently accepting the same….. We are making this society that way….. To change it towards right direction we all need to stand up and stop accepting such acts….. And teach and educate our children’s accordingly….. Cheers….????????

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  6. You will not believe my shock when I saw your title and the relief that flooded over when I realised it isn’t the way you write. Phew! I was actually thinking “Crap…is she one of them!? How did I never notice!?”

    It bugs me no end. NO END!

    1. Hahaha…I liked the way you said…Is she one of them? LOL!! ????
      I can’t tolerate it too, and the frequency with which I’m having to endure it is increasing. Sigh! πŸ™

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