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  1. You write poems too, great Di…

    1. Wow…you are quick. I just posted!
      I began writing with poems Harsh. Everything else came later. I’m not too good at it, but…mera blog hai…I can post anything right? ????????

      1. Anything!!!!!!!!!!!
        Di, how would you react if I posted a love story? ????

        1. That depends on the story ????????

          1. Hahahahahaha???????????? Nothing wrong, haan…

          2. No…nothing wrong. I believe it is in your age when questions and curiosity about it starts developing. I have been there. ????

          3. Ah, such a relief. I really cared if you will understand… but you’re so achi!!! Haha

          4. Haha..those who don’t understand are probably trying to act it up.
            Main aur achi…awww…you are so sweet. ????

          5. 🙂

          6. ????

      2. yes, you can post anything….but this one is not a mere anything “it is really sweet”

        1. Aww….thanks Akhi. Glad you liked it. 🙂

          1. feels much connected

          2. Thanks again Akhi. Words like that simply come off when you feel them from inside.

          3. true, it is so nice when heart speak out..

          4. Indeed. ☺

  2. Ooh. Someone’s feeling romantic. Read it out to hubby?

    1. Honestly, he is sleeping next to Angel and snoring right now. ????????????

      1. Lol. Why do men snore?!

        1. Don’t know about others. A says it is because ‘wo thakaan nikaal raha hai…aaram ki neend’ ????
          By that measure I should snore twice as much. ????????????????

          1. Lol. Mine denies that he snores! Rather, he denied till I recorded it once and put it as his ringtone 😉

          2. Lol. ???????????? You actually did that?
            This guy cannot deny. His son is witness to that.

          3. Yes I did! I was young and newly married. Itni samajh nahi thi :p

          4. Arre correct wali samajh thi na! That must’ve been a bouncer for him. What was his reaction? ????

          5. He missed many calls before he realised that the weird sound coming from his pocket was his phone!!! It was too funny. Every time his cell rang, it snored!!! 🙂

  3. That’s beautiful????

    1. Thanks Roopali. Welcome here. ????

      1. ???? Thanku!!

  4. Lovely ❤️️❤️️❤️️

    1. Thanks dear ????

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