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Trains, girls and mornings #NaBloPoMo day 5 

‘Bhaag jao..tiger aa jayega…!’

‘Bhaiya…zing zing zingaaaaat!’

‘Aap mere saath mere ghar chalo na..’

In what could be one of the most fun train travels we have had in a while, we were blessed with these pearls of unbridled innocence by one our cutest co-travellers; a super sweet girl of Angel’s age with almost the same appetite for attention as her. 😀

This girl had a cousin of A Jr’s age and was drawn to play around with boys. She almost instantly took a fancy for my boy. She wouldn’t leave him even for a minute, sang songs with him and took serious offense when he laughed at something she did. 😛

A Jr blushed a beetroot red at this lavish unexpected display of affection, while both the girls were quick to mark their territory. An accidental stepping on each other’s foot led to a cat fight between them we all witnessed incredulously with our jaws dropped. 😀 Girls start early for sure. 🙂

We literally had to scare and coerce the kids to sleep past midnight. Their family alighted at their destination early in the morning. Angel stared sadly at their vacant seats while asking ‘Kahan hai?’ when she woke up. 🙁 🙂

I couldn’t help standing at the door and taking a pic of the gorgeous morning sun. The train was moving so the pic could be slightly shaky.

We were carrying lots of snacks with us but nothing can beat a Dosa breakfast with an adrak wali cutting chai for company. Isn’t it? 🙂

This journey that took us on a Maharashtra Darshan of sorts due to the achingly long route it takes has left us all cranky and sleepless. Just had lunch and am hoping that my well-fed kids will now allow me some much-needed respite. Ciao! 

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