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Oh dear heart…! #ADHM

I cannot help myself this time. I’m not a fan of being updated with recent releases. Bar a few I’m not much inclined towards the music of today either.

However, much unlike me, I’ve already seen this song many times and when I’m not watching it, it plays in a loop in my head. It has it made it its home!

Ranbir Kapoor’s expressive eyes and handsome face and Arijit Singh’s soulful voice make an exceptionally brilliant pair. Wonder what will be the next offering from the movie. Can hardly wait. 


12 thoughts on “Oh dear heart…! #ADHM

    1. I guess the pairing is intentional. You noticed Ranbir is shown all shaved and looking young with Aishwarya? I simply can’t take my eyes off him! Post Rockstar he’s my Rockstar too. ????????????????
      Let me go see the link….

        1. I like Ranbir as an actor too. He seems genuine and dedicated. Just for looks there’s Aditya Roy Kapoor. ????
          I don’t like the plastic Aishwarya a bit. May be her beauty puts me off. Ironic, isn’t it? ????

          1. I don’t like her much too. Aditya is smashing. So is Fawad Khan. Are you into serial watching. Then watch Fatmagul on Zindagi channel. The anti-hero Qerrim is so dashing…

          2. Have seen Fatmagul while browsing through channels. Next time will keep an eye out for him. ????
            Fawad Khan is awesome! Loved him in Kapoor & Sons. Siddharth M disappointed me. After Ek Villain I expected more from him.

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