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How often do you recharge yourself?

Does everyone need some me time or is it an exaggerated concept? 

Does everyone find comfort in their own company?

Does everyone need to get recharged? How often?

What about those people whose work itself is like a vacation?

29 thoughts on “How often do you recharge yourself?

    1. So you plug in at night too. ???? Sorry, bad joke! ????
      Yes, we all need it. Although I’m not sure how many of us go ahead and really do that for ourselves. I need it everyday…get it some nights. (Have two kids, so a bit difficult for me!) ????

        1. You are sporty…a rare and loveable quality. ????????????
          I try to take out time for myself too. I value the alone time a lot. It is a little tough now but I make sure I get it as and when possible. ????☺

  1. Seldom it is that the workplace is like a vacation. But sometimes it is where we get our sanity back. I like to be comfortable with myself. Lately, people have started disturbing me…

    1. Mundane things do help in keeping our mind occupied but can we put off something off our minds for long? I don’t advocate it but I’m all for thoughtful isolation once in a while. Hope you don’t let anyone get to you. No one is worth losing out yourself for. Hugs dear!!

  2. Need the alone time everyday… Though nowadays blogging has also become my me time…because I really need be all alone n in silence…but yes very very important for me to have my space …

    1. Oh my! How do you sleep at night? I would’ve gone mad much earlier. 😱
      Take a break. Switch off your phone for an hour a day and listen to good songs. Long break will come when it will but you can recharge with this. 😆

      1. I know I know.. I been working since yesterday and almost through the night .. reading a few posts too change the scene.. I have to finish this module by tomorrow.. ????????..

        I might just go away somewhere and not tell anyone..????

  3. I need peaceful alone time every day. I have a calm quiet spirit, it’s best that i have my me time to stay intact, lest I become agitated by everyone and everything. Likewise, I have to charge a certain device waaaaaay too effin much, in fact, I don’t want to charge it at all. I’m glad this is funny (sarcastic voice)

    1. Haha! I used to be like you. I guarded my me time fiercely. There was an invisible ‘Do not enter’ sign on my room post 10 at night (before I got married obviously) although all I did was while away time doing nothing productive. That was my best time!!
      Now I just grab whatever time I can find. It is tricky, but I try. I need to charge the device way too much too. ???? It is more out of habit perhaps. ????

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