Yes, the movie.

I saw it for the hundredth time (slight exaggeration agreed, but close!) the other day and still I feel like I haven’t had enough of it.

What is so special about it? What do I like about it, other than the gorgeous blessing in human disguise to the world called Julia Roberts? Where do I begin?

This movie celebrates friendship in the most unconventional way. It isn’t the mundane The Hangover or American Pie kind of friendship where a bunch of friends are bound together by some common intent to commit a deed or a misdeed. It is a real, logical and emotional tale of two best friends.

It shows that close friendships can survive distance, time, romantic liaisons or break-ups as well as streaks of jealousy, insecurity and possessiveness. No matter how juvenile they were when they first met, with age friends evolve, and so does their outlook towards people and relationships. All it needs is some time.

The simplest moments in the movie can touch a chord somewhere in you. Dialogues like ‘You don’t wear pink’ or ‘Guard it with your life’ suggest closeness and trust, while the ‘My Micheal’ reference has a tiny hint of protectiveness.

The best part is that even after everything happens it doesn’t preach to ‘Forgive and forget’. It subtly implies that it is alright to have feelings as long as they are sheathed inside of you and don’t begin terrorising the lives of people near and dear to you. Better still would be to move on.

Watch it, if you haven’t already. It is worth your while to reminisce about people that probably aren’t around anymore, yet closer than most of others.

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31 thoughts on “My Best Friend's Wedding

  1. Nice description on friendship and the parameters within which it should operate :). As for the movie, i dont remember when i watched a complete hindi movie last time on tv, leave alone english one :). Most times i am watching doraemon,cockroaches waala cartoon, chhota bhim, motu patloo etc and have resigned to it 🙂
    But incase it becomes due on some channel do inform me…if you have watched so many times it ought to be worth watching 🙂

    1. Going from our conversations till now I’m quite sure you will like it. Don’t tell me you let your kids bully you into watching cartoons! ???? I watch with them sometimes, but there are rules. They have their tv time, I have mine.
      Hmm…it was showing this morning! Next time I will definitely inform you, but I doubt you can make it due to work or other reasons.

      1. How does one admit “boys bullying” on a public platform 🙂 :). The brothers gang up…The elder one strategises and tells younger brother sec=retly what to do….younger one uses charm,wit,logic and tears if necessary,while elder watches innocently…Its then between two brothers : “tere me advt aayega toh mera waala and mere me tera waala”…sometimes dear wife comes to my rescue 🙂 or when they are in compassionate mood then “ab papa kaa chalega” 🙂 :).

        1. Ha ha! That’s fun to know. Well, Angel is small so the game-playing in our case is limited to A senior and junior, and to be honest, they’re both couch potatoes. All they need is the tv and something to snack on the whole time, on Sundays or other holidays.
          A Jr gets the ‘i will get the cable removed’ warning if he’s too insistent, but A simply gets away with a smile. ????????

          1. ???????? since gap between kids in your case is more so there isnt going to be sibling fights. Here they are 4 years apart which appears diminishing day by day and they compete like anything…mostly we are needed to play referee that too delicately to maintain impartiality ????????

          2. No…the age gap doesn’t help as we generally expect. She can’t even talk as of now but wants to be treated at par with A, not even A Jr. A Jr has to do what she likes. She has very definite preferences. What she wants, she wants. I get scared thinking of what these two will do when they grow up. ????

          3. Okay..but atleast A Jr is being accommodative considering her smallness, in our case there is no scope for that consideration ….Angel treats herself as the most prized member and demands her due accordingly 🙂 🙂

          4. A Jr turned 8 yday….I can imagine. Kids nowadays have little patience and lots of aggression. Chanelling it in the right direction is quite a challenge. I’m having a hard time keeping up with him myself.

  2. I love watching movies that celebrate friendship, love and relationships. Have heard a lot about My Best Friend’s Wedding but havent watched it as yet. Your post has sealed the deal for me and will look out for it soon.

  3. Oh wow I sure wanna watch this movie now that you have said so much about It and giving some insights and perspectives about friendship.. Will check it out.. Thank you for sharing this..

  4. I haven’t watched it yet but after reading this I am so intrigued to watch it soon. I will surely share my thoughts once I watch it 🙂

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