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Pirates in my home!

“Ok, so it’s decided. Both of us will be doctors. There’s only one doctor set so we’ll divide the items. It is mine so I get the stethoscope, ok. Don’t cry about it later. And also I’m the head doctor. T will be the nurse and reception aunty, but please let us not give her the laptop. She will destroy it and can’t even use it properly.” A Jr said.

While I was sitting on my bed surrounded by dangerous-looking voluminous books trying to grasp the complexities of Sales Tax and Accounts, there were some serious career decisions taking place in the next room. As I overheard A Jr and his friends elaborately plan their Doctor Act, I couldn’t help but get mesmerized with their beautiful thoughts and story formation.

Kids have the most vivid imagination. Whether it is about a bird that miraculously appeared and took off with their banana or a fantasy friend who borrowed their ball and never returned, they can cook up and dish out the most frivolous stories with conviction.

A Jr is one such kid. Ever since he saw the Colgate commercials with the sea animals box, he pestered me to get one for him. I had planned to surprise him with it, but before that I got the boxes delivered to me! I was quite excited to see what A Jr comes up with when he has a whole gang of sea creatures at his disposal.

Mind you, A Jr has his own rules. Any character or animal can be anything he wants. So, no matter what the names of the pirates were, he made them into A Jr and Angel. He was the daring one who handled the ship and the cannon, while Angel had the measly spyglass and was incharge of navigation. Their parrot, Popat, helped her.

A Jr’s sea world with his favourite Sea creatures book ☺

Armed with the treasure map and ready to strike fortune, the three of them left on a voyage that took them far inside the ocean. Angel is young and couldn’t read the map accurately, so by mistake she took them around a long route where they saw a sea castle and also landed on an island somehow. When he scolded her, she started crying and blamed Popat.

Angel being a girl, she was happy to be friends with a mermaid they found on the island. When A Jr was strolling on the beach he saw the fishes playing volley ball with the octopus in the water. All the fishes were on one side and hit the ball with their heads while the octopus deftly used his eight limbs.😅

Then Popat came flying to him and told him that he heard of a treasure hidden in a wrecked ship somewhere deep in the ocean. At once they set off and after a long time reached the ship, which had a shark swimming around it. He dived into the water fearlessly with a dagger, only to find that another pirate group had already stolen the treasure and left in a submarine! 😛 :-/ 🙁

If your head is spinning right now, welcome to my world! 😀 😀 😀

Every invention was an imagination once. Give your child the freedom to think, grow and see the world the way he likes best and you’ll see his thoughts take flight and weave wonders.

15 thoughts on “Pirates in my home!

          1. Yes we have our own favorites though both are great in their own ways. Kishore’s songs many times show me the path during trying times and so I just dont consider him just any singer but a person who has greatly influenced my life.
            Silly as it may sound, I have on few occasions stood before his house humming his song and it was sooo feel good :). May be someday would try to meet his son Amitji to say thanks for what his Dad has meant to me 🙂

          2. Wow…now that is some heartfelt follower. See the thing is, comparing Kishore and Rafi is like arguing about which colour is good. Both are distinct and unique. They can’t be replaced.
            Rafi’s voice for me is like God’s voice. If you play it in a headphone and listen to it closely you will feel it amalgamating with your soul. Kishore’s voice touches a raw chord within you. Both are maestros.
            Eg. The song Tum bin jaoon kahan….sung by both of them…but both versions are completely different.

          3. Really interesting to know last fact as I heard only Rafi saab,s version only earlier…I have shortlisted some 30-40 songs of kishore and top amongst those would be 1. Meri bheegi bheegi see…2. Ye jeevan hai iss jeevan kaa… 3. kya mausam hai ai deewane dil…. Now during rainy season there is “rimjhim gire saavann….; bheegi bheegi raato me…
            Then there are “badii wafaa se nifai tume….
            These days our whole family’s favts are “hum tumse mile fir juda ho gaye…by kishore n lata and sometimes we listen to this song over 10 times at a stretch 🙂

          4. Wow…that’s a long list with beautiful songs! Now I need to make one too…hmmm let me see…in no particular order…my favourites are
            Dil ka bhawar kare pukaar..
            O haseena zulfon wali…
            Dil jo na keh saka…
            Ye duniya ye mehfil…
            Nazar na lag jaaye…
            Dard-e-dil darde jigar…
            I just can’t stop… ☺

          5. Btw…both Kishore and Rafi rock the Chand word. Chehra hai ya chand khila hai….and… Chand mera dil chandni ho tum ☺

          6. So true :). Chand and dil are most used words. Chand se yaad aaya this beautiful song that i missed earlier ..aaj unse pahli mulaqat hogi…fir aamne saamne baat hogi..it also contains a line with the word chand “naa jaane wo chand kaa tukda kaisa hoga” mesmerizing song really 🙂
            Then there is this beautiful song “aane waala pal jaane waala hai…” beautifully depicting the theme that one should live happily and lively in present….
            Actually these are not just songs but entire way of life if you think…:)

  1. Oh yes…life lessons through songs. I guess for me Zindagi kaisi ye paheli haaye tops that list. Then there’s Main pal do pal ka shayar hun. I’m not into Mukesh, but love these songs.
    I’m in awe if these lyricists who can think so deeply and yet put those words in simple words for us to understand them in their entirety.

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