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College Love #CherishedBlogfest

Moments pass, but what stays behind with us is the feelings they bring with them. Just like we cannot keep sand from slipping away from our fingers, no matter how much we try, we cannot hit a pause button where we were swept off our feet or the time our heart wanted the moment to freeze.

Your mother’s expression when you showed her your first paycheck, the first piece of jewellery you bought for a special someone, that scarf your friend gifted you on your birthday, and many more such things are beautiful reminders of those endless memories that you would like to preserve forever, won’t you?

#CherishedBlogfest is a wonderful idea that allows you to not only go back and sift through the archives of your wardrobe, photo albums, gifts, cards or mind, but also lets you share those special moments and memories with your blog friends.

The first cherished memory that I would like to share is a picture of two of my most beloved rings that I bought when I was in junior college. Don’t ask or try to guess how long back it was, please? 😆;)


One of my friends was crazy about jewellery; the bold, manly type ones. She loved wearing metallic rings and bracelets. I wasn’t much of a jewellery fan, but one day I tagged along with her to the shop she bought this stuff from, since the place also sold birthday cards.

I chanced to glance upon a tray of ‘girlish rings’ my friend had discarded and my eyes fell upon these two gorgeous beauties. I didn’t think twice and happily paid twenty rupees for both of them. Since that day, every place I’ve been to for study or work, these rings have accompanied me.

I’ve worn them with every garment and they go with anything. They look used now but I can’t dream of doing away with them! Friends have come and gone but these two have been with me always. They’re special.

19 thoughts on “College Love #CherishedBlogfest

  1. As one who is fond of silver jewelry, I really appreciate your two rings. It appears you’ve had them for some time and that makes them extra special. I wear a silver and turquoise ring that I bought when I was in high school. It is now 40 years old (don’t do the math).

    Thank you for participating in the blogfest! I hope you are able to cherish your rings for many years to come.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost

    1. When your heart is set on something it doesn’t matter how old and worn it has become right? That is why we have keepsakes. I loved the idea behind this and hence participated. Would like to see your rings too. Not doing the math, promise. ☺

  2. The rings are beautiful, simple but beautiful. I love the part in your profile where you call yourself an ‘eternal student’ – I think we all should fit that description.

    Thank you for joining us and sharing your story.
    Dan – cohost – #CBF16

    1. The rings looked much better when I bought them, I guess I literally took the life out of them by overusing. How can I not though, they are beautiful like you said. ☺
      I believe we all should be ready to learn at any age. The process can be liberating. Hence the ‘eternal student’ tag. I loves sharing my story. Thank you for encouraging it.

    1. Oh yes. Everyone wore them that time. I wear them still, like I mentioned. Trend or no trend. ☺
      Thanks for visiting my blog Ramya. ☺

    1. Definitely! That’s what separates some random item we picked off the rack from something we were gifted or handed down by someone close and important.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. ☺

  3. Yikes, you brought Brian’s face to mind, Junior High, first boyfriend…. And the ring. This is a lovely posting that is so true! I still have the rings, they bring memories! Thanks you for joining us in the Cherished Blogfest — hope to see you next year! Kate

  4. I’m not much of a ring person, but I like these. Besides, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of something that goes with every outfit. Good selection!

  5. I also liked your intro about the various things you cherish. I have a silver celtic design ring that I wear all the time. It reminds me of the celtic (Irish) origins in both branches of my Mother’s family and in one branch (Irish & Scottish) of my Dad’s.

    1. I bought those rings on a whim really. Never thought I might get so attached to them. Wearing something that connects you to your family’s origin is so cool.
      Thanks Simon for stopping by.

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