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Notes from my heart #CelebrateBlogfest

Reblogging an old post:

I had decided that I’ll wait until Valentine’s Day to post this, but as A says, why should the day or the occasion be any excuse or condition to express anything for each other? With all due respect to St.Valentine, the whole concept is a bit exaggerated. For love, lovers and expressions, there’s no ‘mahurat’ required. So any hopefuls who’re planning to woo their sweethearts with gifts, cards or flowers this V-day, why wait when you can do it rightaway? We girls love getting pampered anyday! 🙂

Here’s something very close to my heart….

It is so good to see we both know,
That we love each other more than we show.
Our love is boundless, needless to say,
There’s just no place for hate and refrain.

Your eyes and my eyes speak countless words,
Your looks more fatal than a thousand swords.
Your hands on my face and your hands in my hair,
Leave me with a feeling of just nothing to care.

This whole world seems to be confined up to you,
You and I only, is like a dream come true.
Whenever the world is giving a rough hand,
Your caressing arms are like an oasis in sand.

I’m taking up this chance today to tell my husband that I love him a lot. No amount of words can explain what I feel for him. Even when I’ve been irrational and foolishly demanding he’s been there for me, loved me and cared for me. I want him to know that no matter what future may hold for us, I’ll always be there with him and continue loving him like I have..always. I say this to him over and over, and I’m saying this again, ‘I Love You’!

Lets celebrate love for all that it means to us and let our special someone know that its because of them that the seconds in our life have become memorable moments that are going to be cherished forever.

13 thoughts on “Notes from my heart #CelebrateBlogfest

  1. Aw, that’s so sweet. It’s a beautiful expression of your love. Thanks for sharing it with us (you have 6 months to figure out Valentines Day).

    Dan – cohost – #CBF16

    1. Thanks Dan. ☺ This poem is my favourite too.
      Honestly we end up doing nothing overtly special on Valentines Day. So,.planning isn’t required I guess.

  2. That’s a wonderful poem and homage to your husband. It sounds like you two will be together forever, surrounded by your loves for one another.

    Thanks for your cherished post. I really enjoyed this.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost

          1. Dont worry…better things may be in store. Yesterday read about how Shahrukh after having injured had to leave his dream of becoming a football player and reluctantly joined acting and rest you know better 🙂

          2. Oh yes…there are plenty such examples where people excelled exceptionally at something which wasn’t their dream or plan. Amitabh Bachchan faced failure at every level in his life and is someone I look up to for strength in hard times.

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