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Friendly Disconnect #MondayMusings

Call it ignorance, but back when I was in school or college I had never heard of the term Reunion! Sure, we friends discussed about how different our lives would be after some ten odd years or so and how strangely funny it would be to see each other as moms and dads, but that was it.

Cut to present, reunions have suddenly become a vogue. Everyone everywhere talks about arranging a reunion and getting back together with your (sometimes) gone and done with past friends. Whatsapp groups get created instantly to involve and ensure everyone’s participation.

While I appreciate the whole concept, I have certain doubts regarding the sentiments behind it. To begin with, a significant amount of time has supposedly passed between the time you last saw each other and now. Is it right to assume that you still are on the same page and looking forward to it?

Life treats everyone differently and sends them on different ways. Back then it probably didn’t matter but a person’s current standing, both social and professional; influence his attitude as well as that of others towards him. More often than not, this can lead to awkwardness and/or resentment.

I remember meeting up with a bunch of my college friends a while back. Suddenly planned and intimate, it was a small group of eight. Now, that’s the kind of reunion I would love to attend again! Chatting, laughing, confessing, reminiscing, complaining, we did everything; except bragging and showing off (which happens often, sadly).

Is it not always possible for friends to just remain friends without peeping into the other person’s swanky new I-phone through the corner of your eye or mentally calculating his paycheck after picking up something from his casual reference? 


19 thoughts on “Friendly Disconnect #MondayMusings

  1. I’m not a big fan of the word ‘reunion’ as such. But yes, time and again, I do meet a handful of friends from school, college and various other areas of life that I’ve walked through.

    1. Same here. I’m comfortable with ‘gathering’, ‘meeting up’ or ‘catching up’ too. It somehow involves more emotion, I feel. I don’t refuse mostly, but I’ve observed people planning and then backing out. Friends don’t do that, right?
      Good to see you here Sid. ☺

  2. A few weeks ago some kid from high school organized a reunion dinner at a restaurant. I was invited, but I looked at the guest list and realised that of the 20 people who were going to attend, I really only wanted to see 4 of them. The thing with me is that if so much time has passed and there hasn’t been a relationship maintained, I have no desire to try again. We are not friends, and therefore, I do not care to know what you’re up to and I do not want to pretend to enjoy myself while I eat dinner.

    1. Exactly! You are echoing my husband’s thoughts and words. It isn’t always glorious to visit the days you’ve grown out of. Though it isn’t always the same the disconnect can be difficult to take.
      Thanks for commenting Donovan. ☺

  3. To say for myself, I will never go attending a reunion. The obvious which happens in reunions is show off of the stature one has attained in life. Being an introvert I may not even meet people or friends in a group. I would rather like to meet and catch up with friends one at a time.

    1. I personally prefer one on one or small intimate groups where we all have a close common thread connecting us. The showing off part is what puts me off the most. Humility is a virtue; if only people realised it!

      1. hahah…Blogger meets are different from school and college reunions, isn’t it? Here we are all doing the same work or are in the same profession if we can call it profession 😀 I will look forward to blogger meets.

        1. Hmm, blogger meets are different. I have visited quite a few and have enjoyed myself a lot. Same work, true, what I believe what’s more interesting is the part that we’re all creative people and are mostly all ears to others’ facts and opinions.

  4. well I talk a lot of renunions but sadly never been able to attend one.. yes I have met old friends now and then BUt not in a big big Reunion sort..

    and you r right sometimes its not easy to remain friends especially with the school mates because we have all changed moved on , different continents does not help either ..

    1. Big big reunions are a put-off, so I feel. It is used more for networking and less for genuine catching up with long lost buddies. Has it happened with you that you disliked someone in those years and wished you never see them again? Imagine having to do that and being matur3d about it. ????????

        1. My school days weren’t any better. I was this really awkward child who felt lost and never belonged anywhere. It makes me sad to wonder what memories people might have of me and how they would see me now. ????

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