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An inevitable change

Once in a while, there are certain decisions that have to be taken and we need to persistently stick to them. This qualifies as one of that sort. I don’t like change, much. Almost immediately my mind tries to find reasons for resisting it. Familiarity makes me feel secure. Yet, I did it anyway.

After sticking to my old theme for the longest time I finally decided to go for some change. Going through a LOT of themes and then zeroing in on this current one wasn’t easy. If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll know that some time back my blog had a different theme. Sadly, I couldn’t warm up to it.

This one is way different than anything I have tried till now. Although it made me give up the beautiful header of my favourite colourful gerberas that conveyed the myriad topics covered in my blog, and also its name, so beautifully, I find it simple, clean, easy to read and the focus is entirely on the post.

I have to yet to develop that feeling of homecoming with it. Like a kid grows up and looks and acts different over time, I’m assuming my blog too has gone through some kind of transformation. It might look different, but it is my baby and shows off only what I have taught it to.

Hope my readers agree with me. Old visitors or new, any input from you is welcome. Please do leave a word.

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