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Cricket Mania continued..

While we’re on the topic of A Jr I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of his new gems here. Like I’ve mentioned before this boy is turning into quite a riot. He has a question and an opinion about everything. It takes only the likes of yours truly to challenge and alter his better judgement.

So, I’m working in the kitchen and he comes to me all excited.

A Jr: *amused and excited* Mamma you know, M S Dhoni has grown up!

Me: *bewildered* Huh?

A Jr: *explaining* Ya… I just saw picture of him in the newspaper. He has a beard and a moustache now. He has grown up!

I still had that ‘huh’ expression on my face. When I did get over it I told him sweetly that he already had a beard and a moustache, that he is old enough to be a father and that he has a baby too. He is just clean shaven most of the time. A Jr seemed a bit hurt with this revelation though.

A Jr: *sadly* He should then shave all the time or not shave at all. How will I know?!

Poor boy!!

This time we’re watching some cricket match on tv. We as in, me A and A Jr. Honestly, I’m pretending to watch while reading some blogs on my phone. The match is Australia versus someone.

Suddenly A Jr starts…

A Jr: Mamma, it is good that Mitchell Johnson and Mitchell Stark are in the same team.

Me: *absentmindedly* Oh ya? Why?

A Jr: They’re both Mitchells na. They are both brothers. It’s a good thing they belong to the same team na.

A: *helpfully cutting in* No dear. They are not brothers. Their names are same. That doesn’t make them brothers.

A Jr: *defensively* Why not? Why can’t they be brothers?

( This boy never takes a word from A. Not done!)

Me: Papa’s right baby. Brothers have the same surname mostly. Like you and your cousin have the same surname since you are brothers. If you meet someone else with your name would he be your brother?

A Jr: *immediately agreeing* Yes Mamma you’re right. Chacha and Papa also have the same surname but different names na. Correct you are.

A has stopped giving the didn’t-I-tell-the-same-thing-you-brat look anymore. He did give me a helpless shrug though.

Poor thing again!!

The encyclopaedia I mentioned in my last post is making us both hunt for cover. He picks any topic he likes and then plays Kaun Banega Crorepati with us on it.

As if doing us a big favour, he very generously informs us the topic in advance at times and gives us time to prepare and revise. (I hope there’s no punishment for wrong answers. Need to ask him!)

Half of his waking time is spent playing with Angel. He cuddles with her, carries her around, even removes her wet nappies if I’m not around or busy with something. God bless Angel for taking his mind off us for some time atleast!

All in all, a hyper nonstop boy and a girl who in all probability will soon catch up. A roller coaster ride will seem like a pittance to us, I’m sure.

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