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The joy ride

There are people who are in our life for a reason, and then, there are people who’s presence in our life goes beyond any conceivable semblance of reason or logic. They might be near us or omnipresent, but they sure give our life a meaning to get by everyday. They are the answer to our questions and the good for our bad. We’re at home with them; anytime, anywhere.

Within all the madness that surrounds us they are the only ones who make sense, and who matter. They can make a gloomy day seem bright and can make us smile even when we feel like we’re down in the dumps. They’re the kind of stuff fairy-tales are made of; too good to be true, too fragile to hold on to tightly and yet they’re the backbone of the story of our life.

So who are these people, exactly? I’m sure everyone would agree that it is impossible to point out which person or relation would fit into this description perfectly. Some might feel that such people are almost always our friends, some might find this kind of warmth and affection coming from their siblings, spouses or family members, while sometimes it can be anyone from our colleagues, neighbours, to even complete strangers.

I’m going through a very interesting phase in my life right now. While there have been a few anticipated incidents, some unanticipated ones have also contributed in making life all the more adventurous and…how can I say it….alive! There are so many things to look up to now that I’m spoilt for choice and occasionally feel like I’ve bitten more than I can chew. But, I don’t think I need to bother myself with these trivialities.

Because, the ‘people’ I mentioned earlier are the sort who make this ride seem completely effortless. I believe God’s looking down on me very fondly, since I’m blessed with someone who not only wears the ‘perfect-for-you’ expression on his face everyday with pride and ease, but also multitasks as a friend, spouse, philosopher and guide. He’s made me a better person and has helped me grow, by letting me follow my heart and silently supporting me.

Life’s too short and we tend to complicate it by putting tags on people and relations. I believe that the only person(s) worth holding on to are the ones who make our life worth living and who we see as an integral part of our life and future. They don’t fit into the description of ‘perfect’, but deserve a whole new description of ‘perfect’ for them instead. They’re too good to let go, isn’t it?

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  1. Absolutely agree! There are definitions for “perfect” that we need to customize to ourselves. I am glad you are in such a happy phase in life. May the delights continue. Touch wood. 🙂

    1. Thanks Deboshree 🙂
      It feels good to have someone like this right? Perfect is a subjective term…and who’s to decide who’s right….? As long as we’re happy, everything’s perfect. 🙂

      1. Touchwood! 🙂

  2. being perfect.. but why would one want ot be perfect , I dont want to be it will be so boring 🙂
    and hope all this HAPPY PHASE carries on always .. be happy and keep smiling because one smile brings a lot more smiles 🙂
    and totally agree that people who make our life worthwhile and those who put that smile on our face are so very worth holding on too

    1. I dont believe in this ‘perfect’ business….honestly. I find it boring too!:-)
      However, this post isnt about being perfect…it is about how blissful our life can be when we have someone who’s just about everything one can hope for…hence the ‘perfect’ word. 😀
      Thanks for your comment and your good wishes. Yes, holding on to such lovely people is what makes life worth…! Welcome here…hope to see you around.. 🙂

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