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First Haiku attempt


Keeping in its feathers

The droplets and the quivers

Splashing away the treasure

This is my first ever (and rather amateurish) attempt at Haiku. Nevertheless, I tried to do it and am glad for it.

Thanks to Corinne and Ruchira Shukla for this wonderful prompt on Writetribe. Enjoyed doing it. Hope I’ve done justice to it. 🙂

19 thoughts on “First Haiku attempt

  1. Thank you for liking the write up ! Lovely Haiku here.. Not once is the seasonal reference made explicitly but it gives us such a clear image of the rains. I love the association with the bird ! How about not using “it” in the first line – do you think that might make the Haiku more compact ?

    1. Thanks Ruchira…this was my first time so I wasn’t sure if my approach was right.
      You’re right. Can do away with the ‘it’. Will do so pronto! Thanks for pointing it out and making the Haiku better.

    1. Thanks Richa…added the picture deliberately…so even if my poem didn’t make sense people would know what I’m talking about! 😛

  2. What a cute haiku. Absolutely loved it. Picture and words go so well together. Love the droplets and the quivers.
    Dropping by from the haiku prompt.

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