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Strange things

This is a quick post to note down this strange little thing I felt today, before I forget about it.

It was raining cats and dogs today, so instead of taking A Jr to school on my Activa, like I do everyday, I walked him to school. It is much simpler this way, to avoid the rainwater getting into my eyes while riding. Also, A Jr takes over 5 minutes trying to find a spot where his sandal can land without getting soiled and it irritates me no end.

Anyway, walking also means that I have to carry everything; A Jr’s school bag, water-bottle, my wallet, house keys, etc. He’s obviously doing me a great service by walking, after-all. So when we were running late today I forgot one of these things at home. That thing happened to be my wallet.

Generally I carry my wallet only for the heck of it. It isn’t much of a necessity, since I don’t stop anywhere for chocolates or stuff like A Jr’s friends’ mothers. Many times when I’m on Activa I don’t even carry it. His school is close to our place anyway.

Today, however, as I closed the door behind me and I realised I wasn’t carrying my wallet, a weird thought came to my mind. What if while coming back I get struck by a car or a truck? How will people know who I am? How will A be informed? Would anyone from our apartment come to identify me? Will someone take me to the hospital or just leave me there?

Imagine all these silly questions coming to my mind in a matter of a few seconds! Thinking that my mind was trying to tell me something from this, I opened the door, went back and retrieved my wallet from my purse, and kept it with me. This time I felt safe, since I carry my PAN card and driving license in my wallet, which are enough to give my true identity.

Scared? Insecure? Superstitious? I seriously don’t know.

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