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When our legs too get pulled :P

Elders are evolved, and this makes them loose out on some precious brownie points in comparison with kids. Evolution breeds a well-defined reason which is presumptively backed by some obscure logic and in the end is still a twisted concept. Kids don’t worry about such trivial issues.

Attribute it to their non-evolved mind that is open to make possible anything that remotely makes good sense agree with it, they come up with such wild imaginative plans and ideas that make up for some hilarious moments. 🙂

We’re watching Duck Tales on the laptop when suddenly A Jr starts shooting this stuff at me.

A Jr: *In a complaining tone* Papa ke laptop mein do wires hain aur mere laptop mein ek bhi nahi. Kyun? 🙁 (Why does Papa’s laptop have two wires and mine has none?)

Me: *Trying to calm him down* Papa ka laptop baar baar charge karna padta hai na, aapke laptop mein batteries hain.. (His laptop has to be charged. Yours has batteries)

A Jr: Jab main bada ho jaunga mujhe bhi do wires wala laptop chahiye! (I want a two wired laptop when I grow up)

(I have to start making a list and open a new bank account right away!)

Me: Thik hai…Papa se kehna wo aapko la denge… (Tell your Dad, He’ll get you one)

A Jr: *Triumphantly*  Haan, mujhe Toshiba wala ya phir Vaio wala pink colour ka laptop chahiye! 🙂 (Get a pink Toshiba or Vaio laptop for me)

Me: Par pink colour to girls ka hota hai na…aap girl ho kya? 😛 (Pink is a girl’s colour, you aren’t a girl are you?)

A Jr: *Dejected* Nahi main to boy hun…accha mujhe green wala la dena. *After thought* Par pink colour ki wires milegi kya? (No, get me a green one, but can I have pink wires?)

(This metro-sexual boy simply loves pink!! :D)

I’m in the kitchen trying to wrap up the cooking fast. It is hot and the kitchen fan is not working. My live entertainment package comes in to make it bearable and even a little enjoyable.

A Jr: Jab main bada ho jaunga aur Papa chhote ho jayenge phir main shaam mein office se aaunga aur unko picture dikhane le jaunga. (When I grow up and Papa becomes small I’ll take him for a movie after coming back from work in the evening)

(I’ve never understood how and why we become small when he grows up!) 🙂

Me: *Confused and nonsensically * Accha…kaunsi wali? (Which one?)

A Jr: *Ready with an answer* Chillar Party wali…chote log baccho ki picture dekhte hain na. Aapko bhi leke jaunga haath pakadke. Chillar Party nahi, doosri wali.. (Chillar Party, since it’s a kids’ movie. I’ll take you too, but for a different movie)

Me: *Glad I was at least involved* Oh..thik hai..thank you! 🙂

A Jr: *Proudly* Welcome…aur main bada baccha ho jaunga na phir main aapko protect bhi karunga! Kisine aapko tang kiya to usko ek jhapad marunga phir wo rone lagega! Ha Ha! 🙂 🙂(I’ll protect you too. If anyone troubles you I’ll slap that person very hard and make him cry)

Me: *Sarcastically* Aur aap office jayenge to Papa kya karenge? (What’ll Papa do when you go to work?)

A Jr: *Without batting an eye-lid* Main unko school bhejunga padhai karne! (I’ll send him to school to learn) 😀 😀

I’m only glad A is at the receiving end of all this! For some unfathomable (and thankful) reason he chooses not to poke fun at me, at least as of now. 😀 😀

21 thoughts on “When our legs too get pulled :P

  1. Woww.. My cutie.. He is such a darling… Kids are so innocent.. His innocence can be easily felt through your words… I long to see him.. 🙂

    1. Yes it is the innocence with which kids bombard us with such shocks that makes it so cute! 😀
      Thank you so much for your comment and welcome here!

  2. He will send Papa to school? Ha ha how cute is that 🙂
    Am glad the lil fella does not believe in stereotyping 😛 U shud get him that green laptop with pink wires he he 😛

    1. He plans on making us do everything that we MAKE him do now! I shudder thinking what more he has in mind 😛
      Even the thought of him using a pink wired green laptop had me in splits. A little bit of stereotyping wouldn’t hurt, hope he gets the point soon 😉

    1. I have no problem with him liking pink, I just worry that kids will tease him and he might take it to heart. :-/
      A was rather taken aback when I told him this. He was like….ye ladka mujhse kya kya karwane wala hai kya pata 😛

  3. pink is an awesome color and i love pink. it shouldn’t be classified as girls’ color :D.

    i am sure the thought will cross his mind that even you need to go to school when he grows up :D.

    loved this post. i was laughing while reading it 🙂

    1. There’s a bunch of fools who for some reason decided long ago that girls wear pink and boys wear blue. Today’s generation doesn’t pay heed to such stupid things, thanks to people like you who support them! 🙂
      I don’t think he might send me to school. He thinks his mother is an all-knowing person and only after I certify something he agrees with it. And no, I didn’t train him to do that 😀 😉
      Thanks Deb! I’d been wanting to share this stuff with all of you. A Jr is an entire blog in himself! 😀

    1. Tell me about it! Nothing…I repeat…nothing can prepare us for these kids are capable of throwing at us! He catches me off-guard and gives me this so-called gyan relentlessly. 😛

  4. hahahaha I read it as well before but its great to read it again and again 🙂 🙂 what he was like 5 year old and you just see his imagination so mobile that you had tough time catching up 🙂 :). And the concern for mummy is really touching…I am sure he does and will keep giving you innumerable happy moments…love n hugs to this sweet boy 🙂 🙂

    1. Haha. I’m glad I wrote so much about him. He was very calm and patient otherwise. Only hos tongue was a foot long. He could ask and say absolutely anything and we wouldn’t know what to do next. ????????
      I feel guilty for not writing about Angel just as much. I should do that more often.

      1. Yes varsha many timed kids leave us speechless ????????. Atleast whatevrr we write here will become memories they would love to read when grown up ????
        Agree its difficult to maintain fairness when writing or dealing with two kids…i felt it while writing two birthday letters back to back ????????

        1. Ya that’s true. Also, sometimes I feel if I’m really doing justice to the real thing while writing about it. How does someone convey exactly what they felt at some point of time? But yes, even a bleak picture is a picture nevertheless. ☺

          1. Thats true i dont think we will be ever able to convey more than 2 %…there are so many merories….most of which gets forgotten in the sands of time…its good that atleast one partner is t full time with the kids to we could make maximum out of it…:) 🙂

          2. Hmmm…in retrospect this might seem like time well-invested. Can’t expect warmth from kids if we don’t give it to them in the first place.

          3. Varsha its not just about expections from them…if they love now or later thats a bonus…the imp thing is that we will be satisfied that we have utilized to the maximum the special blessing bestowed by God on us…:)

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