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Will it won't it?

Love it or hate it, you can’t possibly escape it.

I’m compelled to share these pearls of wisdom with every person who’s not looking forward to getting married in our family. In my role as an elder sister, bhabhi or sometimes a friend I’ve been assigned the non-enviable task by the elders in our family/know-how, that of trying to convince the person in question on what a great life he/she is going to embark upon.

To be honest I’ve tried by best to set a good example and show them on how exhilarating and adventurous this experience can be. I love this institution and all that it carries with it, so trying to count the highs and lows of it isn’t very difficult. It is like a rose, beautiful, fragrant, but non-existent without its thorns. 🙂

The recent one to join the hoping-to-get-married brigade, very reluctantly, I must add, is my younger brother. Like any other guy in his late 20s he’s inclined more towards enjoying his life and focussing on his career, while typically my mother is leaving no stone unturned to make sure all the right rishtas come his way. It’s a pity he doesn’t have a girl-friend, my mother says resignedly.

Blame it on his stars that aren’t as unwilling as he is, one worthy rishta did come up some days ago. It is amusing on how many common friends we seem to have with them, we’re practically virtually related! Anyway, since a formal exchange of pictures has to be done, as his elder sister the responsibility fell on me and I did the needful, and that was where I erred.

Not that this thing is even an issue, but my good sense doesn’t allow me to ignore certain things. The email was sent to her brother’s id (that was the one they provided) who didn’t even have the courtesy to reply with any pleasantry. There were some other things he wanted to know for which he wrote a single line, in slang language, and again, with no heed to grammar or manners, and unpardonably, addressed to my brother! *Angry*

Wasn’t this supposed to be a formal affair? It should be clear from my id on who’s sent him the email right? Wasn’t someone more matured in their house supposed to take this thing ahead? Even while addressing mails to strangers a certain degree of decency has to be maintained right?

I haven’t replied to the mail yet and don’t even plan to. Haven’t had the chance of speaking with my mother on this thing yet either. I did tell my brother and he had a line full of sarcasm ready. Tempting as it is, I can’t actually reply that way, I can’t behave like him! 🙁

I won’t let this thing influence my opinion about the girl, but this sure does prove on how much compromises one needs to make. I’m a mere spectator in this whole thing and even I have to let go of some stuff. Who knows what will happen next. Will keep you posted.

11 thoughts on “Will it won't it?

  1. What the boys’ people did before, the girls’ side does now. Things have come a full circle Varsha. That is the sad part. Instead of correcting social inequities we go around giving it back and often the innocent and good are the victims.

    1. Isn’t it better if we all try to keep everything a little decent? True, it has come a full circle, and it is offending at times. Girl or boy, in anyone’s family, this should be something to look forward to…it is not something someone does out of compulsion. Hope by not replying similarly I’m being the better person here.

  2. Hmmm Well me being me .. would reply without anything , just send a empty reply back.. and hopefully the may-be – to be – BIL will get the message..

    I know what you mean , how can someone be like that , but then saying that this should not reflect on the girl, if the brother is like that it doesnot mean the girl too is ..

    I dont know how or what you will reply , But I will make it a point to inform that you were not happy with what was sent , its better SAID then kept inside and it comes out some other time .. I feel that always one should be straight forward .. 🙂
    Have fun and take care

    1. I had all my wicked replies ready but what stopped me was the feeling of what kind of first impression I would make on them. At least someone has to worry about that right? 🙂
      Never for once did I let that influence my opinion of the girl, I’m guessing she doesn’t even know of this mail yet, may or may not be…
      It has to come out, definitely. Since my mother’s corresponding with them I’m going to make her point this thing out, even if jokingly. The point has to be made.

      1. Yes the point has to be made .. for sure

        thats why i said if it was me that is what i will do 🙂 I am a bit stupid and I beleive that one shud be straightforward if you dont like something better to say it THEN , else it might happen again and when you say something agaisnt it then , it will come back to you saying you did not say first time 🙂 if you know what i mean

  3. no need to reply back to his mail and no need to behave like him either. such people should be ignored completely.

    listen the e-mail notification comes with the entire post instead of the summary. i can just read your posts without visiting your blog :D. you need to change the settings to summary instead of the full post. i did that, so people have to visit my blog if they want to read 😀

    1. Yeah…told my mother about it and she did point this thing out jokingly. Hope they get the point. As far as I’m concerned I’m done with it. 🙂
      Oh is that so? And I was wondering why there aren’t more comments on my blog! 😛 😛
      Thanks Deb…I’ll go change the settings right away! We can’t let people not visit us and still get to read us right? 😉

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