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What you need to be

Something every woman needs to believe and understand! Say this to yourself and to anyone who tries to pull you down. Your individuality, your quirks and your attitude is what makes you. Don’t let anyone tell you what you ought or ought not to be. It is better to love and please yourself more than… Read More What you need to be

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A Little Me on Me

Dear Me, I’m glad that you finally realised the need to have this small chat with yourself. It was long pending, yes? Your life is anything but dull right now. Working around the schedule of two demanding kids isn’t easy. You don’t give yourself enough credit but I think you’re doing a decent job. OK.… Read More A Little Me on Me

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Kyunki Main Hoon..

ना खुद को बड़ा जाना, ना अस्तित्व को अपने, जाना तो सिर्फ ये की इश्वर की कल्पना हूँ. अधूरा सा जहां था मेरे बगैर शायद, पूरा करे जो उसको मैं वो ही चेतना हूँ. अगणित हैं रूप मेरे, अगणित सी छटाएं हैं, समा सके किसीमे वो शब्द बहुत कम हैं. ना एक नाम मेरा, ना… Read More Kyunki Main Hoon..