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Looking back

How many of you have a habit of keeping old happy mails or chats saved on your phone or computer just so you can go back someday , revisit them and, if only for a brief moment, let them envelope you with their familiarity and warmth?

I have a habit of keeping lots of them, even if it is something as simple as  ‘Thank you, dear’ or ‘I was just remembering you!’. Knowing that someone thinks of me and holds me dear instantly brings a smile on my face and lightens up the darkest day. ☺

After all, more than what people should do for us, what they already have done for us matters more. They might not be the same caring people today, but the fact that they were at some point in our lives should be worth keeping some fond memories of them. Isn’t it?

24 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. That’s so sweet.
    You know Di, this is the reason I’ve written letters for my friends, and I gave the letter to them too but never received a letter in reply. It’s one of my wishes to get a friendship letter from someone, not a reply on whatsapp.
    Memories are beautiful, I agree. 🙂

    1. I do the same thing, Harsh. Write long mails for someone to make them realise how much they mean to me, but sadly, like you said I don’t receive replies. Some don’t care to and others say they can’t write like me. A call or a genuine Thank you is enough for me in that case. ☺
      You’re a warm and kind boy. I’m sure you will get a letter. ☺????

    1. Hey Perfy! There are just so many of them, and the best part is that I precisely remember the time and occasion without referring the date. I feel that makes it special. ☺

  2. I like the idea of saving the good stuff as a way to remind ourselves of the kindness in our lives. Over time, as you say, things have changed and relationships have thawed but we’re still grateful for the moments that brought us together.

    1. Yes. Happiness doesn’t knock on doors of people who aren’t willing to hold on to it. It helps to revisit moments that made you smile sometime in your past.

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