Why I Write

More than 400 posts on my blog, but many of them haven’t yet been discovered by many. Going back to where and how it all began is the best way to begin it, right? 🙂
Read on for some heartfelt writing trivia..

14 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Congratulations for the 400 plus posts on your blog 🙂
    it was the same for me.. i began writing as a means to express myself and gradually fell in love with it 🙂

    1. Thanks Prajakta. I have taken such long breaks so many times or I would be around 500 easily by now. Anyway..
      Writing is like therapy to me. It helps me express and vent out. No doubt I love it more when I get to meet lovely people like you on my blog. ????

  2. Hey Varsh, thank you for the support you’ve given for my previous blog: Playing with words and I’m coming up with it’s site now expecting the same support. I am working on my new website and coming up readily with it this month. I would be glad if you be my guest writer. You will be given full credits of your work and I’ll send you link showing up your post under your name on my website once I finish setting up my site. My categories are: Short story, poetry, any real life incident or story, technology or lifestyle article. You can mail me at writekavita27@gmail.com if interested. Expecting an early response. Happy new year. Stay blessed. Keep writing. Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Agree to everything you have said there. Writing helps us in many ways that we think of! Amidst all those life messes, writing is a relief.

    400 is a remarkable number. Happy writing.. 🙂

    1. Not just writing, any kind of creative work is like therapy. I’m glad you agree.
      I enjoy writing and hope that the long pauses I normally take won’t happen anymore. Thanks Prakash. ☺

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