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Desires/ Hasratein

Hello friends! Hope the new year is treating you all well. Last few days I haven’t been able to respond to your comments on time and haven’t hopped on many blogs where I’m a regular fixture. Please accept my apologies for it.

There are a couple of projects I’m engrossed in right now. When the time is right I will share them with all of you. It is something new and exciting for me and I would be happy if it pans out well. I just might have a winner on my hands.

Ah, am I dreaming? Or is it just the desire that my hard work pays off? Um, while I am on desires, why not share with you a small poem I penned down for exactly the same thing? Hope you like it! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Hasratein banati hain, hasratein mitati hain

Saath apne humko, har mod pe tadpati hain

Mil jaaye dil ka phir bhi, na dil kabhi bharta hai

Bas ispe kyun ruku main, har pal ye sochta hai

Hasrat kabhi saathi ki, manzil ki ya jahan ki

Le chalti un rahon par, jo chain ki aur gam ki

Jasbaton ka bavandar, roke se kab ruka hai

Thamoge usko jitna, tinke sa wo uda hai

Sab kuch nahi hai haasil, is khaak zamane mein

Paa jaayen to khushi hai, par maza bhi khone mein

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12 thoughts on “Desires/ Hasratein

    1. Thank you so much, Perfy!
      Aren’t you the sweetest my dear! I top the list? There is indeed some sort of connection between us. ????❀
      Going over to your blog rightaway.

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