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Fishing Mom

When Papa is out of town and the normally achingly tyrant and junk-food resisting Mom is fishing to earn some brownie points from the kids, she takes them out to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations and fun activities, lets them goof around for as long as they want and then wraps it all up with a yummy Oreo milkshake treat! <3

There were clowns dancing on the ground floor but they just wanted to watch! 🙂
Here A Jr is playing and Angel is calling her Papa and complaining that she wants the dice. 😛
The girl came to take the dice from her and Angel chose to simply sleep on it. Not parting away easily, this girl. 😀

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  1. I am sure the kids must have had a gala time????

    1. Oh yes, they did. Angel missed her Papa and kept talking to him on her hand phone the whole time, but I guess that’s allowed. ????????

      1. Cho chweet????????

        1. ????????????

  2. Give mum more brownie points; give me more brownies. :p

    1. Haha….deal! ????
      Thanks for this wonderful comment! ????????

      1. No problem 😀

        1. So, which brownie would it be? Chocolate and walnut? ????

          1. Choco, always choco 🙂

          2. Same for me! ????

  3. Do I hear her say myyyyyy preciousssss

    1. Hahaha….do you?? ????????

  4. So so sweet, Varsha. Happy mom and happy kids. Njoy 🙂

    1. Haha! Thank you so much, dear Perfy! ????????

  5. He he.. That was quite unique take for the prompt fishing.. nice read.. 🙂

    1. I thought I could drop the hook and bait predictability with the word. Glad you liked it. Thanks Prakash! ????

      1. It did work well! 🙂

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