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Help Unblock #NaBloPoMo day 28

I would feel so much better and glamourous if I could categorise this as a writer’s block, but wretched as this sounds, it isn’t.

I love to write and blogging has been a priceless exhilarating release for me. The fact that there are so many kind people in this blogosphere who take out their valuable time and read, like and comment on my blog truly makes my heart feel warm.

Lately though, I’ve somehow found myself struggling to even put a legible sentence together. It is not like there are so many things to write that picking and choosing is becoming a task for me, it is more like, do I really want to take the effort?

For a frequent blogger like me this is a sad place to be indeed. I wonder if my keyboard is silently crying for being given a cold shoulder of late. Unfinished posts in the draft folder or even pending mails those need to be reverted to, I just can’t seem to jot down anything.

I realise that the hamper in my focus can be attributed to the many unsavoury events that have been occurring in my life in quick succession. Isn’t functioning unperturbed despite all the disruptions around us is what we call discipline though?

I’m assuming that by talking this out with you I’ve already taken the first step towards getting over it. What can I do? Can anyone offer any helpful suggestions?

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  1. Well, once in a while we all turn our backs to our keyboards, and that’s ok. But if it has almost become comforting to you then it’s time to curb this habit.
    It’s good that you have at least realized it. That is of course the very first step one can take.
    I would say – Sit with your laptop. If you don’t feel like writing, read. Read posts or articles or anything that interests you. If not read, watch. Watch movie or anything that would relax you. And then sit to write.
    It is not a one day process. You can take two days or three, but try it out. It works for me. I hope it would help you too. 🙂

    1. That is indeed a very helpful tip. Sometimes we need to let our mind free for new thoughts and ideas to enter it.
      Thank you so much for your comment Aditi and welcome here. ????

      1. I hope it will help.
        My pleasure. 🙂

        1. Hope so too! ☺

  2. I think whenever we are facing tough situations our writing can get hampered. The flow of thoughts is not free… Give it some time. Have patience and remain positive. It is just s phase and would eventually pass. I think all of us experience this block at some point or the other

    1. True. We all face it. It is just that while it is on we feel so helpless and inconsequential. Why am I not writing…why can’t I make that sound sense….etc.
      Thank you Prajakta. I need some deep breaths and a good book for company I guess. ????

  3. Hey Varsha,
    Diagnosis of a problem is the first step to finding a solution. Since you have diagnosed the problem yourself, the solution too will come your way. Your mind just needs a little time to relax from the tough situations you are facing. Just give it some time, and your thoughts will find its flow back. Unwind and relax 🙂

    1. You are so sweet Radhika. Thanks a lot for your kind words.
      Yes, I need to give it some time. Time to go to a bookstore for some love and inspiration! ☺

      1. Perfect????

        1. ????????????

  4. Take a break.
    Do pic posts forcing to write only one sentence per post.
    That moment you’ll be flooded with many more to write…he he…with 10 years of blogging under my hood, a few tricks of the trade for you 😉

    1. Wow..that’s a great tip from a seasoned blogger! ????????
      Thanks Uma. You’re such a dear. ????

  5. Ha ha..even after writing this much, do you think that you have that writers block…😜

    1. It was just vague writing Akhi…not thought out…

      1. So don’t over think..nothing is gonna block you 😘

        1. I sure hope so! 😆

          1. 👍 in between am i still the favourite one of your spam filter?

          2. You bet! Whatever you did to make it fall in love with you Akhi? 😉

          3. Oh ..nooo….

          4. Oh yes 😷

  6. My 2 cents …that “functioning unperturbed despite all the disruptions around us” is what saints do…us normal humans toil and slog through the disruption, even as we are perturbed…I’ve found that sometimes, writing out what I’m perturbed about – in a private place, not the blog – helps get that out of my system and after a few days, the writing begins to flow in bits and spurts…Another thing I’ve found useful is to give a particular thought a lot of time to take root and move around my head..after a day or two of this, its easier to write on it..

    1. It is amazing you should say this Anu since I did the exact same thing yesterday. Typed away all the nonsense that was bothering me and it felt so good!
      Well said…we aren’t saints. We need some time and effort to come to terms with all the volatility our minds go through.
      Thank you so much for your priceless ‘2 cents’ Anu. ☺

      1. Serendipity! Good for you Varsh!

        1. Yes! Serendipity. I love this word! Thanks Anu. ????

  7. I would say just give it time. And then, try actually “WRITING” on paper…like a diary/journal. Write/doole and scribble, do whatever. Doodling is a great source of inspiration! 🙂 And then when you’re ready to stay typing away, return. The keyboard will patiently wait (we all will, too!) <3

    1. This is something new. This I must certainly try out. It has been a long time since I held a pen in my hand and wrote down something. I suddenly miss my diary I left back home. 🙁
      Thanks dear…that last line just made my day! Hugs! ????

      1. Yay 🙂 Let me know how it goes 🙂
        Hugs right back – meant it too.

        1. Thank you so much dear! 🙂

  8. facing the same problem..just unable to pen my thoughts(fiction).. so decided to take a short break, may be reboot myself.. but its is just a passing phase!

    1. We know it a phase and it will pass off, but while it lasts it is very unnerving. This not being able to write thing almost feels like a handicap. But yes, sometimes our mind needs to take a break too..

      1. so true, the feeling of helplessness, and also the need for a break! a dichotomy, but true and real..cheers

        1. I knew you would get it. You too are going through the same phase.

          1. hmmmmm

  9. Well..glad that even with your ‘unable to be able to put a word down’ phase you managed a post! That is super,Varsha!
    on a more serious note, we all have our low days, our ‘not interested’ days, ‘procrastinating’ days – but it will pass. With like-minded friends in the virtual world, you never need to worry!
    Smile please 🙂

    1. Haha…I did make a post out of it. Didn’t I? 😉 Something to rejoice. All is not lost. ????
      Hmm…I guess I treat my blog as my baby and not giving enough attention to it breaks my heart. But hey, probably it needs space like other kids too! ????????
      How sweet of you Perfy. You really made me smile. ????

      1. Glad I did. Love what you call me – Perfy, makes me look like everything I am not 😉

        1. Ah! If only women knew to give themselves enough credit. ????
          I like calling you Perfy…and I think it suits you. ????

      2. Perfect is boring and monotonous,
        Perfect Imperfections are what define me, so Perfy suits me just fine!

        1. Haha…absolutely agree. Perfection is so boring. Did you read my bio on the sidebar? I say almost the same thing you just said. ????

      3. Yes, I did! Glad you agree!

  10. Varsh, you are doing well. And I do think that it’s okay to take some time off.
    Hugs and do what works best for you. Picture posts and daily gratitude posts are some ideas otherwise. 🙂

    1. I guess for some days I will keep off long posts and concentrate on sharing other stuff…like picture and gratitude posts like you said. That should help.
      Thanks Swaram. ????

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