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Extended celebrations #NaBloPoMo day 1

“So many things to do, so little time!” is probably one of the most cliched excuses we can come up with. How lame would it be if an almost daily blogger like me commits to write for a month with a whole fun gang and then cites such a hilarious defense to evade eating my own words? 

Let me put it this way, I’m joining in a day late so that I don’t regret not being a part of NaBloPoMo for the next 29 days. Acceptable? 🙂 

Our Diwali vacations in A’s native are nearing their end. Gorging on yummy food, visiting family and friends, kids and their antics, and lot more! It has been crazy and hectic. As has been the custom for last two years, we conveniently shifted Angel’s birthday as per our fancy and celebrated it fifteen days early.  ðŸ˜€ 

It was a small intimate affair with family and a few of my nephew’s friends. The planning and running around kept us all busy throughout yesterday but it was all well worth it! 🙂

The kids played, screamed, danced, played, ate, fought and enjoyed! The commotion irked Angel no end but her protective brothers looked after her well. Here are a couple of pictures.

Kids got these colourful goggles as takeaways 🙂
The cake tasted as awesome as it looked!

We are taking the kids to a circus in the evening. More about it and some more pictures of it by tonight. Promise! 🙂

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  1. I am sorry but I am kind of new to the world of blogging. What is NaBloPoMo

    1. Don’t worry about what it is.. ????????

      Make sure you participate and write a post every day for the month of november…go go go go

      1. Ahha…Bikram is getting and keeping all motivated. You are writing too na?

    2. You will get all the information on Google. Its the second day today and you can still join in. It will be fun. Try it! 👍

  2. A day well spent. . Excellent..

    Circus my nanu use to come to the city and take us to see a circus whenever there was one. .

    1. We loved the circus too! Angel will see it for the first time and I’m excited to see her reactions, although they don’t have many animals now.

  3. My first time here.. Good luck with the challenge Varsh 🙂

    1. Thank you Sia for your wishes (I need them badly) and welcome here. ☺

  4. The festivities and celebrations sound amazing. 🙂

    1. They were. The best part was seeing the kids enjoy themselves. ☺

  5. What is this custom? ????????????????????????

    1. What custom?

      1. Celebrating bday 15 days earlier…

        1. The custom is to celebrate with family…till the time Angel isn’t old enough to insist on the date. ☺

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