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Err…its human! 

Is one instance or situation enough to give us the license to judge people?

Someone’s mistake can be someone’s blunder, yet, shouldn’t everyone be given a chance to have their own bitter-sweet experiences and learn from them?

People and relationships are bigger than ill-advised impetuous choices.

Each one of us deserves a chance at redemption.

23 thoughts on “Err…its human! 

    1. Without them you wouldn’t be what you are, so I guess it was all for the best. You commented on an earlier post once, its best to learn from them.

          1. Oh well. See, if you knowingly make a mistake then you qualify as a dork, undoubtedly. But if you say trust someone even after being ditched before, then it is more of a weakness.

  1. True…its rightly said life is what happens to us while we are busy making plans…☺ As human being we are are falliable at some points in our life..Sometimes its the choices that choose us rather than we making them…great post Varsha ☺

      1. Thats okay…sometimes its not even error of judgment coz its easy for us to judge us later in hindsight but this benefit of hindsight was not available at the time choice was made ☺

  2. I’d like to say I totally agree with you. I mean, I do. There is always a but! There are instances when we do judge people based on a stray incident. Maybe it is something the street vendor said, or something that a colleague did. Our nature is such. We could work on it. Consciously, gradually. I agree with you. But I need to work on it.

    1. See, it is like going in a posh restaurant when their chef was on holiday and it ended up leaving a lot to be desired in our overall experience. Yes, hearsay influences our opinions to some extent, but there as as many versions of anything as there are mouths that talk about it.
      We all need to work on it. No one is infallible. We need to think hard before deciding whether we can give the person the benefit of doubt or not.

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