Feelings, Me, Thinking hat


No matter how small they are, they have the power to consume your entire being.

They can be a germ of an idea, deliberate pondering, a reaction or an expression.

They are like waves; only the bigger ones travel the distance to the shore.

You are never silly or too old for them. They can hit you anytime.

They inspire your best or your worst and stay with you in any case.

Your life and its decisions depend upon respecting them and keeping them positive.

You always carry them with you. Go ahead, feed them well and see how their beauty surprises you! ❤

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  1. Excellent post, couldn’t agree more, our thought makes or mars us…

    1. Thank you so much! ☺
      The power of a good thought surpasses everything else. We must all realise it.

      1. My plesure! well said!

        1. Thank you…I like your comments. ☺

          1. My pleasure. 🙂

          2. ☺☺

  2. random thoughts running all over me
    making me mad and mad every now and then..

    1. What did you put in the tea? ????
      Shall I try to sound wiser and say…they will pass soon. ☺

      1. ha ha..
        no way, these thoughts can’t escape from me..

        1. You can turn them off. Do one thing, read some good comic strips. Those thoughts will get better. ☺

          1. but why should I turn them off especially when they are of varying nature.. do you wish to turn it off..?

          2. The ones that make me mad….sure! Why would I voluntarily let my mind be their playground?

          3. let them play and come up with goals…even if not a goal, it is a lesson..of course..

          4. When they go haywire they make more damage than anything else. Isn’t it better to divert them positively and then create goals?

  3. Simple and powerful. There it is right there, thoughts, great response to the one-word prompt! I really enjoyed your post. If was to build on your idea, pick up the thread of thought, I would follow with another one-word prompt: Auto-pilot!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I had fun writing it too. ☺
      Ok…are you game to follow up with the prompt you suggested? Let’s see..
      There are times when we’re so engrossed in our thoughts that we loose semblance of where we are or what we are doing. Almost like we’re on auto-pilot.
      Your turn. ☺

  4. Absolutely, without our thoughts who would we be?

    1. True. Our thoughts make us.
      Thanks for stopping by. ☺

  5. Nice one 🙂

    1. Thanks Parijat. ☺

      1. My posts all got deleted !!!

        1. Huh? How?

          1. Actually had planned to cut online presence and to force myself do the same deleted it myself…Ab naa maya mili naa raam 🙂 🙂

          2. Cut online presence? Why? My online presence is mostly my blog and mails. That we can control right? It takes so much pain to write. Why delete?

          3. yes could have controlled it without deleting….I miss my posts really…

          4. Exported them where?

          5. Before deleting it had asked if i want to export it before deleting…i said yes..then it sent a zip file to my mail with html coding etc…Now i tried to import back the same file here and it says it cannot be done..

          6. Ok.. I’m not really aware of how this works. Try asking someone. Hope you get it all back.

          7. you just click my link , does it take to my blog site?

          8. Let me try

          9. Just the last one….that you just posted. All else is gone.

          10. ohhh okay.

          11. I had exported the site data …now when trying to import its not coming back!!

          12. Ohh. Usually this problem doesn’t occur. I had my blog on Blogger first. Imported it all here. Tough luck. Try. You may find a way..

          13. okay will try few more times…lets see it it happens well and good…else fresh start …

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