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A: *tediously* I’m telling you, there’s nothing like a bad hair day. Its just a fancy term.

Me: *sadly* No! Look at this frizzy nest I have over my head. 😯

A: *accusingly* You women make your own life complicated! 😐

Me: *staring hard* You’re just jealous because you’re balding.😒


Message sent across, and duly received.

26 thoughts on “Complications

          1. okay????????. watchinh bahubali each time is so interesting..i had watched it first time in theatre at rajkot during release…since than watched it on tv as far as possible..kids like it too..
            My favt scene is when kattapa places foot of shiva on his head and also shown is when he did the same with infant shiva..????????

          2. Oh yes! That’s my favourite scene too. It is both intense and emotional. I wanted A Jr to see the Kalaripayattu…that’s why we started this movie and then just went on with it. Prabhaas is anytime more powerful than Tiger Shroff. ????
            A Jr used to place Angel’s foot on his forehead the same way when she was smaller. ????????

          3. Yaa….just imagine…creating a language for a movie! What detailing na. I’m desperately waiting for the sequel.
            I also like the scene where the old man pulling up the statue sees a glimpse of his son and within moments everyone starts chanting Bahubali. Talk about pressing the right nerve! ????

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