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Finding Inner Peace


Trust kids to hit you with the most difficult questions in the most unpredictable circumstances! What could be a simple fun afternoon of mother-son bonding over a favourite movie, Kung Fu Panda’s nth rerun, suddenly turned into an exercise of playing catch, where I had to field A Jr’s simple question, ‘Mamma, what is inner peace?’

Within moments my mind raced back and forth trying to conjure up the simplest explanation that could answer his question suitably, yet not burden him with exhaustive information he was too young for. My uncomplicated reply was, ‘When we are able to concentrate on something deeply with our eyes closed, without getting distracted with other things like video games, cricket, food, etc., it is called inner peace.’

‘It sounds so simple. Why is Shifu having trouble getting inner peace then?’ was the tougher one. This was a bit tricky, but I said that he was worried about Tai Lung and the dragon warrior and that wasn’t letting him concentrate. Agreeable to him, release for me. It got me thinking though, how many of us take the time out to concentrate, meditate or find inner peace in real life?

There’s so much we have to fit into one day, one life, that more often than not we find ourselves harried with unimportant questions and avoidable situations that not only drain our energy but rob us of the opportunity of achieving something far more remarkable. Is it really that tough to have a few minutes of physical inactivity to get mental relaxation and do some self-introspection?

From experience I know that I have the hardest time concentrating and meditating. Whether it is A’s unironed clothes, A Jr’s incomplete homework, Angel’s appointment with the paediatrician, planning the menu for the day or some other pressing thing, I always find an excuse to take a break, and I’m not proud of it.

I’m, however, not the one to give up easily. I’ve decided to take some help from highly recommended meditation music this time. I’m hoping it helps me concentrate the same way Mozart’s symphony helps our entire family unwind and slip quietly into deep sleep everyday.

Do you practice meditation? Can you give some helpful pointers?

19 thoughts on “Finding Inner Peace

  1. Kung fu Panda is that kind of movie series that seems quite entertaining and simple and is yet filled with deep meanings to ponder on. Each movie has its own set of teachings.

    About meditating, I often practise it with my mother. She says we mustn’t try so hard to prevent thoughts from coming, just let them flow. Listen to them, and everything else happening in your body. This makes it a lot more easier and very enjoyable too.

    1. How true. I think I have seen Kung Fu Panda more times than my son. The takeaways are so many, it doesn’t matter if it is animated.

      Practice meditation with your mother? That’s great! Your mother’s advice is indeed quite practical and logical. Next time will try not preventing my thoughts. That should work. Thank you so much Dashy. 🙂

    1. Valid point, but I slightly differ with you on this. A family can be a support system, it can make you feel loved and cared for, but that doesn’t take away from an individual his need for inner peace and solitude. Meditation helps in delving into the depths of your existence, one layer at a time ans can be a surprising journey with yourself.

  2. I don’t do meditation and i can’t concentrate much either. But what i do is, i am satisfied within myself – i don’t need anything desperately in life and i don’t overthink too…this all helps me with peace of mind.

    1. That’s a good approach. Being satisfied with oneself is indeed an important thing and I’m glad it helps you.

      Guess the fact that I’m in a stage in life where I’m bound by responsibilities and cannot think for myself as much as I’d like has something to do with my craving for peace of mind.

  3. Ha.. 🙂 I got a lot from your comments than the post itself :). W.r.t to meditation funda is simple it is like any other skill – with practise you can make it. Said that, there is no “this is” meditation “that is” meditation. For some its the moments of silence for other its their work have you felt timeless (https://justaparna.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/timeless/) ? That’s could be type of meditation.

    I do practise meditation – call it mindfulness. I have tried everything in my life – art of living, transcendental, vipasana. But this works like miracle. Said that, it need not be the same for you.

    If you really wanna sit down for few minutes, the best, the easiest and the most efficient way is watch your breath (incoming or outgoing). Start with 20 seconds (about 3-4 breaths). built it up to how much ever long you can.

    If you are a beginner, it is best if you create a habit (https://justaparna.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/habit-decoded/ ) – that way you discipline your body and focus your energy on disciplining your mind :).

    1. My post was one-sided but the comments became a small discussion, which definitely is more interesting. 🙂
      Wow…you’ve tried and practised so much! To be honest I’m still trying tk figure out what works for me.

    2. Sometimes I’m content just being alone and silent, while sometimes I find calmness in writing. I do breathing exercises for relaxation regularly. Om chanting, etc. But yes, I still need to get disciplined.

      Nice seeing you here Aparna. Loved your detailed and helpful comment. Will visit your site soon. Thanks. 🙂

  4. These are difficult times and at times I battle for a peaceful sleep over the night. And yet, whatever you told your junior can be symbolically applied to the lives of us all. Thank you!

    1. There are things we don’t take too seriously as kids. As we grow up we complicate our own lives with possibly unnecessary issues. A simple question by him made me realise this. I hope it helps all of us to try and get peace within us.

  5. My meditation practice consists of allowing thoughts to flow without any resistance. If you just completely relax and stop being conscious of your thoughts you will really still your mind. But inner peace? I think that is an illusion

    1. I’m still trying to learn meditation. A little tough for me as of now. Inner peace, illusion or not, is a far away thought for me. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Nice to see you here. 🙂

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