My darling Angel,

I haven’t written about you on my blog as much as I did about Bhaiya, and sweetheart, I truly hope you will forgive me for this. Having you in our lives has been a roller coaster ride. Too much has happened since then, and it is impossible to chronicle everything. I would, however, love to share a few cute and not so adorable things you’ve been doing of late. All of 13 months, but by the surprises you throw at us, you are a riot! 🙂

~ You’ve discovered that there’s a whole new world in Mamma’s kitchen, much to my dismay. You conveniently come in and throw everything in sight, like utensils, bottles, spoons, etc., on the kitchen floor.

~Dirty mud-covered potatoes and garlic are your personal favourites and you are usually found nibbling on either of them. So many baby creams at home, and you stink of garlic and sometimes onion too! Come on girl!

~It was most unpleasant for me to find that not only can you tear cardboard boxes and open simple plastic ones, you can manage to screw and unscrew them too. The contents of them, needless to say, land yet again on the kitchen floor.

~You love driving Bhaiya crazy. You have to have everything he has, including his books, his pencils, his colours, his story books, etc. Whilst he loves to read and paint, you, as expected, mutilate them mercilessly.

~You love breaking things. You drove my poor boy over the edge the other day when you practically broke HIS birthday cake wala plastic knives into pieces ( How did you!?). Also, his Pokemon and Cricket Attax cards have never been safe with you around.

~I got a walker to help you walk when you were about 7 months old. Sad as it is, you never took a liking for it and it had since been gathering dust. Now, in an interesting turn of events, you hold it by its side and take it for a walk! 😀

~You have very particular tastes and decide whether you want to eat or not just from the look of your food. If it isn’t of your choice, God have mercy on me. Getting a little baby like you to sit at one place and eat can sometimes be more challenging than feeding an entire household!

~I cannot, for the life of me, get you to tie your hair. Those lovely little tidbits I bought for you are all a waste! You revolt against them with such fervor, someone might think some monster was about to get you. 🙁

I’m not sounding like a complaint box, I hope. For along with these (mis)adventures there’re a lot of Awww moments too.

~You love to eat with Papa and Bhaiya. Whenever Papa sits for a meal you get the first bite from his plate. Bhaiya was reluctant earlier but is so used to share his food with you now that he calls out for you.

~Your eyes are filled with naughtiness. They sparkle when you have something on your mind. You do this nose twitching thing a lot nowadays. It is deliberate and meant to tease, mostly me! Badmaash! 😛

~We did this sing along thing when you were younger. Nothing much, just aa aa aa types, on some tune. Now that you’ve grown up, you have learnt a few tricks. Now when I sing aa aa….you go dai dai dai. Again, when I insist you to sing aa aa, you stick your tongue out and do furrrrrrr. And the way you laugh after that….. I feel so offended (but end up laughing)! 🙁 🙁

~Notwithstanding my objections, Papa gives you his phone to play Candy Crush! Imagine! What I do find hilarious though, is the way you get angry at the candies if they stop moving! 🙂

~ You have learnt to take 3 steps on your own till now and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. You also try to speak, a lot. You say some odd word here and there and from the look of it, I guess you will talk soon. YAY!

Well, I can go on and on. You are my girl and my darling. Every day with you is special (and tiring, sometimes). You are this ball of energy and it takes a lot of effort to keep up with you. I try.

Love you my baby. 🙂

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